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This past week has been pretty crazy busy, but then I enjoy busy so that is good.  I had another wedding that turned out absolutely beautiful.  I did this fun new glowing ruffle cake table design, which I absolutely loved.  It looked stunning!  I haven't stopped getting compliments on it, now almost a week later.  So I am thinking it is a definite keeper:)
I'll be sharing the pictures with you on the 2nd Wednesday in May.

I decided I wanted to show pictures at least once a month of one of my favorite past months weddings, and I want to be more diligent about this.  The remaining monthly Wednesday dates will still be for book reviews:)


Well I don't have much news to share on this.
I sort of over did it with running around at weddings.  Can you believe a medium wedding day set up, I walked more than 8 miles.  Most of that would be carrying items around.  So it's not only cardio, but strength workouts setting up a wedding.

I love this little Fitbit for that, I had no idea how far I went, I just always knew I was exhausted by day end.  I still think a large wedding will be closer to 10 miles, guess we will see.

Anyhow, I was in a little pain.  So I have laid off running a few days, so I can get the inflammation down.  However, I am happy to say a little rest has done the trick and I'll be back at it today!

Also, I was spotlighted as a runner on the Blog Fitful Focus last week.  If you didn't get a chance already, you can check it out HERE.

I want to do a quick shout out for the Shape Up for Summer Giveaway Blog Hop.
If you haven't linked up with us, what are you waiting for?
There is only 1 week left to sign up to join us.
It starts on May 9th.

Its a great way to discover new blogs yourself, and have even more people discover your blog.  If you'd like more details, visit the information page HERE.

I'm also including the sign up below.  If you already know the rules, you can just add your blog to the list.  If this is your first time thinking of joining us.  Make sure you visit the information page first and are okay with the rules and details!


I'm also looking to fill my May Runner Spotlight dates.  If your a runner of any kind, any distance or pace.  Then I'd love to spotlight you!  Send me an email at: with the heading RUNNER SPOTLIGHT and I will send you over some questions.  (FYI: You don't have to be a blogger to be spotlighted!)

That's it, it's been a pretty uneventful week I guess you could say in the exciting news factor.  So tell me; whats been going on in your life?
Any spring races you've recently ran or coming up?  As always, feel free to leave me a link to a post you want me to make sure and check out in the Comment Luv section!

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