Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

If you ever find yourself a tourist in Jamaica, and happen to be on the Ocho Rios side of the island.  I highly recommend taking a morning or afternoon and hiking the falls.
Just a word of note, I do not believe they allow you to hike this on your own.  You could look into it, but from what I saw the locals pretty much have this as a tourist attraction, so yes you will have to pay to do this.  However, if you get the chance it is worth it.

Dunns River Falls is a 600 foot set of several waterfalls.  You actually start on the beach next to the beautiful blue's in the carribean waters.  From there you hike up with your guide (and group) up the falls.

Now when I went, they made us hold hands.  Yes, I thought this was a little kindergarden, but it is what it is.  I believe they do it because some people may not have a great sense of balance, or strength.  So by holding hands maybe you can help those people out more.  I personally found it to be annoying and actually made it harder for me.  (Granted I was trying to protect an injury from getting worse.)  I wanted to go at my own pace, and place my footing carefully.  However, this isn't really an option holding hands because you have people on both sides of you pulling in opposite directions.

I'll be honest at times I just let go of the person behind me's hand.  The guide yelled a few times for me to take hold again.  But the girl behind me actually didn't want to hold hands any more than I did:)

(Left)myself and my (right) friend - Normally I would never allow a no make-up swimsuit picture
of me on my blog (LOL).  However, this one didn't turn out too bad.

It's a beautiful set of falls in lush tropical bush and tree's.  The water is actually a little cool, it is rain water after all.  However, after you are in it for a few minutes you hardly notice.

I only noticed a couple of really slippery spots.  To be honest most of it was easy climbing.  There are even railings along part of the way.  Not that most need them, but you never know.


*  You'll need a pair of water shoes.  You can either bring your own, or if you don't have them they allowed me to rent a pair for $7.
*  You can bring a water camera, but I wouldn't recommend bringing any other camera there is too much chance of damage.
*  The guides film you and take pictures, and they wanted $40 for this.  Which in my opinion was outrageous.  However, if you have a large group and you split the cost it might be worth it.  But they don't actually take many pictures of you, so that is why I recommend bringing a water camera.

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