My Official Blogiversary

Officially 3 years ago yesterday I started this blog.  However, it was only about 1 year ago that I actually started "blogging" rather than just writing an occasional race update post to share with my family and friends.

I was racking my brain with what I wanted to do for this post today.  I think the type of readers who come to my blog have changed much over the past year, and new readers probably don't know my past.  So I thought I would share with you first why this blog is called Runaway Bridal Planner.

First, I am a wedding planner/decorator.  I own a wedding and event decoration company, it is one of my favorite jobs!  Even though I am planning to scale back on the amount of weddings I do in the future (to make room for a new career).  I will always have wedding and event planning and decoration in my life!
*In the coming weeks I'll explain everything on that.*

Second, I am a runner.  I love to run!  So much so that I have been working on running a full marathon in each of the 50 states and D.C.  (32 states finished so far.)  I may have already finished with this goal, if not for 16 months ago when I was working at the library and was injured at work.  (Yes I said library.  You can laugh, I do now a little!)  But eventually I will get back to it, and those last 19 states will be conquered!

Originally early on in the foot injury I was still running, as it didn't bother the running.  But eventually things got worse, and long story short I eventually had to quit walking for 3 weeks, then wear a boot for several months, then in physical therapy all winter.  Fortunately, a month ago my foot muscles were built up enough to slowly start running again.  I currently can run in 100 - 200 meter increments.  I'm up to 1/2 mile a day of running, but I have walked up to 8 miles in 1 day.  Slow, but it's progress!


So what are my favorite parts of blogging?

All the new online friends and fellow bloggers I have met.  Some of them, I feel like I actually know them and if I ever met them at a race or somewhere in real life I am absolutely sure we would become great friends!

What have I learned most about blogging?

It takes time, a lot of time and you really need to use your time wisely!  I have a full-time job, and a part-time job and I try to blog regularly and regularly visit other blogs.
One particular blogger Fitness blogger Carla (Real Into), occasionally shares blogging tips, and how to's on social media.  Do's and don't's when accepting sponsors/advertisement/paid posts etc...  I have to share her blog with you all because I have gained so much amazing advise from reading her blog.

There are a few other bloggers who inspire and entertain me too:) Who have supported me or offered many words of encouragement while I have been going through my injury.  Or who have allowed me to follow their running careers and let me live vicariously through them until I can get back into racing myself.  (Okay, they may not know that part, but now they do:)  I wanted to share their blogs with you today.

Fairytales and Fitness - This blog is written by 2 sisters, they are both runners but also very different personalities.  They give a fun spin on different topics, and you won't be disappointed if you stop and check their fun blog out!
Striding Strong - Hailey has a fun running blog that I love.  She's one fast little runner too (All American) and I really think of all the people I know, she has the greatest shot of making the Olympic Qualifying Marathon Trials one day in the near future!  I can't wait until she does so I can tell everyone, I know that girl:)
Jill Conyers - Jill writes an amazing upbeat fitness blog.  She also hosts the 14 in 14 challenge that a lot of runners participate in.  She writes on a wide variety of topics and share's a fun positive outlook on life that you are sure to enjoy like I do!
Lauren's Glass Slipper - I discovered her blog a few months back, she is a bit of an adventure seeker like myself, which is probably what drew me to her blog.  But she also writes a fun running blog and her adventures with it.
Run Mum - She's my online friend from downunder, and has a great family fitness related blog while sharing her racing journeys, and running/hiking adventures.
Losing The Glass Slippers - Karen is an amazing photographer, so you always get a great treat of beautiful pictures with her posts, she's also a fun runner who is passionate about life.
Long Haired Runner - Fawn's blog is all about family, fitness and running not to mention uplifting!  She's also very honest and real in her posts, a great blog to check out!
Jen B's Journey - Jen shares her fitness journey, she's has a great family friendly blog.  I always find fitness tips and idea's when I read her upbeat posts.
Life Between the Miles - Sara's been through a lot, and I discovered her blog late last year.  She's been training her way to Boston, which is today actually and I wish her all the best of luck!!!


So what's the future of blogging hold for me?

I hope a lot more of what I have already experienced and a lot more great experiences!

Monday's for now will remain "Me Monday's" where I share a part of my life with you.
Tuesdays are going to stay "Travel Tuesday's" I love sharing my travel adventures with you all.
Wednesday's will remain Book Reviews or Wedding decoration pictures.
Thursdays are going to remain "Spotlight Thursdays" as long as I can find individuals who will allow me to spotlight them and share their inspirational stories and journey's with you all.
Friday's - When I have time to write on Fitness Friday's and do blog link-ups with you all!

Additionally, I have my fingers crossed and I am working extremely hard to get back to marathon running.  I hope that by this fall I can start sharing a few race re-caps with you all again.

Additionally, I have found a lot of fun in running these Giveaway Blog Hop Link-Up's.  They have been a fun way for several blogs to link up, host their own individual giveaways and get more traffic than normal because each blog brings their own set of followers who hop around to the different blogs and enter the different giveaways.

In case you were wondering we have one starting up in a few weeks.  So if you haven't already take a minute and consider joining up with us in May.

 Click Here For Official Blog Hop Rules & Link Up Here.

(If you are ever interested in co-hosting a future giveaway hop with me, just send me an email and I'll explain more and answer any questions you may have on it.)


I believe true motivation can really only come from within.  However, one thing I have learned with blogging, inspiration can come in many different forms.  Some day's I read others blogs and I have the thought; I needed to read that today.  

I blog because I love it.  I enjoy sharing my imperfections, successes, adventures and trials.  I appreciate all of you who stop by and read what I have to say.  You've been as much a part of this journey as myself.  It is hearing from you on what you like or don't like that have helped me transform this blog into what it is today.  Thank you for all your support!

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