Fighting a Treadmill, literally

So last Monday I tackled replacing the walking belt on my treadmill.  The guy at the support center I called, told me replacing it would fix it's sudden stopping issues.  So I ordered the $80 walking belt.
Right as I started I realized the instruction manual that came with it, didn't cover anything about replacing it.  So I was on my own.  I grabbed one of my toolboxes (yeah, I am a wedding decorator, I have 3 of them, ha ha.) and stared at it a while then began taking it apart in what seemed like the most logical way.

But I had this 1 screw, that how they got it in, in that angle to begin with, is beyond me.  But it was a bear to remove!  Literally took hours for just that one part.  Finally 2 days later, lots of bruises, a few blisters and marks that now a week later still remain on me I finished.

So I am thrilled to try it, I get on and 1.76 miles into it exactly it suddenly stops and won't start again. (Same problem.) I call the repair center, and get some girl this time.  She tells me, she is not sure why the guy told me to replace the walking belt, she is sure it's the roller thingy????
I could have picked the 200 pound machine up and thrown it out the window I was so upset, that the guy before had told me wrong!

So yeah, I was not, not a very happy person!
Instead Tuesday I did a 3 hour workout after I realized there was no fixing it... Yeah not kidding, I had pissed off energy to spend!
But if I am going to look at it, in the glass half full sense, I will say this.  All that squatting, bending and putting my back into getting the parts off.  Well it was a super hard workout.
My buns are more sore than they may have been ever.  My arms and back feel like I pushed a car a mile, they were sore for days.

As for the treadmill, I am not going to do any more to it.  I'll just buy a new one, but not this year!
I rarely use a treadmill, and frankly it was only for the days that the air quality here this month and next gets so bad, that it's unhealthy to be out running in.
I'll suffer through the cold, and on the really bad air days, I will use the stupid machine until it stops, and then wait 30 minutes until it wants to start again, to run a little more.


So how did my weekly workouts go?  If you remember last week I said I had a goal to do 20,000 steps each day.  If possible I wanted to try to get a 30,000 step day in.

Monday - 3,300 steps.  Yeah the battle with the treadmill ruined this, for this day.  But if you count how sore I was the next day, guess the muscles got the workout instead.

Tuesday - 26,300 steps for the day.- part of which included 5 mile run in increments on the treadmill and a total of 3 hours of double workouts.  Yeah, I really should have pushed this day for the 30k steps.... I regretted that come Thursday!  But I creamed my sister today, so that is a bonus!

Wednesday -   22,000 steps for the day.- 5.5 mile run outside. Double day workouts.

Thursday -  20,000 steps for the day, 6 mile hilly run outside.  Double day workouts.

Friday - 10,100 steps for the day.  2 mile run.  I was burned out, I probably could have pushed it, but I had a little pain in the area where I fractured my foot last summer, so decided to take it easy for the day.

Saturday - We wont even mention this:) Still had some pain in the foot, and to be honest my body was exhausted from all the double day workouts.

So, obviously I didn't hit the goal I set for the week, but that is okay.  I really should have pushed it Tuesday to hit the 30k ,but that's okay.  I will try again this week.

I actually beat my sister this week, not by much, but enough to call it a win:)  Oh yeah I totally rubbed that one in her face!

One of my other sisters also bought a Fitbit on Saturday (she wanted in on the action:)  Even after she bought it at 2:30pm, she still got in a 20,000 step day first try???  So yeah, I am thinking this weeks competition is going to be intense!  But like I already told then, BRING IT!!


We've had an awesome amount of participants in the Grow Your Blog Hop so far.  The list is 30+ and grows a little more each day.  I am getting really excited for this event!
So if you've been thinking about joining us, Friday January 24th is the absolute last day to join the hop! (No late entry exceptions.)

If your interested in growing your blog, and participating in a fun networking opportunity then you will want to join us.  You can read through all that is expected and all of the rules and join the hop HERE.

I would like to mention that during February during the Grow Your Blog, Blog Hop.  I will be running some posts that will be all about growing your blog.  You can expect to see:

How to build a better blog, and grow.
How to blog stalk and network:)
How to grow your social media.
How to make money blogging.

I'll actually be sharing my actual tips, things I have done.  I decided to give you my true personal experience with those things.  So whether you join us in the hop, or don't have time but still want to get a little involved in growing your blog.  I have some fun things in store for February!

How did your week go?  If you workout or run, did you have some great days?
Have you ever replaced a walking belt on a treadmill, did you get as beat up as me?

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