Visiting Seattle

I don't offer a whole lot of Travel Tuesday posts on cities themselves, probably because I am a country girl at heart and the mountains and trails are far more my style of exploration.  However, I do visit cities as well, and when I do I like to get out and find the known and less known spots of interest.

Seattle, Washington is one of those places.  Oddly, I never thought I would travel here.  But after a lot of hard work at a job, I actually won an all expense paid trip to a destination of my choice.  At the time I decided to take my sister and her new little baby girl. (Because the trip was for two and the baby could fly free:)  So after a little thought and once we realized we might not want to be on a plane for hours on end with a baby.  We picked Seattle, from Salt Lake it was less than an hour flight:)  Which was perfect.

To be honest when I first picked the place, all I had on my mind was visiting Mt. Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park since they were both in pretty close proximity to Seattle.  Little did I know at the time that I would find the city itself a beautiful adventure!

One thing about Seattle like all big cities the parking is a bear and expensive.  So when I had the travel agent book this trip (yeah, I rarely use them, but had to on this trip since I won it.) I made sure we were within walking distance to the waterfront and market streets.

When we checked in and they saw we had a baby with us.  They put us up on one of the higher floors and on a floor with other children haha.. We laughed at that, but it was all good, we had a great view of the city, especially at night don't you think!

This was actually taken around midnight, but it looks like day.
I sat the camera down looking out the window so it would be steady and set it for a very long exposure almost 45 seconds.
First time I ever tried to take a fun night shot actually:)

Seattle is known for its rain.  Although we had cloudy skies most of the trip, it actually never rained the entire week we were there.  In fact it was beautiful.  As we left, it was almost disappointing not to be able to say we saw the Seattle rains:)

I highly recommend the Famous Pike Street Market Place!  Not only will you see places that you've seen in the movies.  But their are some excellent deals!  Oh, and if you love flowers, I walked past dozens of shops with flowers for sale so beautiful and prices that were amazing.  Bouquets I would pay $40 for here, I could have gotten there for $6-$9 seriously fabulous!!!

Walk the waterfront, and enjoy the history and beauty.  Not to mention all of the great shops and places to eat.  Pretty much something for everyone!  I don't say that lightly as I am one of the pickiest eaters around.

Leave the car at the hotel if you can, and just walk.  Sure its steep downhill all the way to the piers and downtown Waterfront district.  But seriously, you don't need your car.  You get to see and enjoy much more on foot!
However, I will mention we had lots of issues with the cars there, they seemed to not care if you had the right of way to walk across the street.  I actually give them pretty poor marks on that part.  So if your walking, watch your step as you cross a street.  Just because the cars are stopped at a red, doesn't mean they actually obey it!

However, if you do want spectacular views of the city.  I suggest hopping in your car and driving around the sound to the other side to look across at it.  There are lots of parks and beaches on this side too.  Great for runners!
The water is pretty cold though, but we couldn't resist letting this cute baby put her little chubs in for her first dip in the ocean and of course walk in the sand:)

Over all we had a great time, sightseeing, shopping and playing around in Seattle.  So much so, that I would definitely make it back there sometime.  That city has some crazy hills, I bet the Seattle Marathon is so fun, I hope to run that one someday.  I think I would love running up and down all those hills!

Have you been to Seattle, did you find it to be a beautiful city too?

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