The Heart that Loves to Compete

This is my Motto this month!
This week started off still feeling like crap, it was taking forever for me to get rid of the nasty cold I had.  Fortunately by Wednesday it finally started to feel like it was going to break.
This is a little how my week went.

This week, although a slow start was again in true competitive spirit.  What I have a theory on will be pretty much how each week going forward is going to be. Especially since my youngest sister taunts me daily and tells me I don't have a chance at beating her step goal.

Monday, 3,500 steps 
I was feeling pretty sickly that day.  I did attempt to workout, but about 10 minutes into it I was just blah so ya I gave up and went back to the pillow.

Tuesday, 15,100 steps
I was still feeling like crap, but my sister basically told me I was weak and to get my butt up out of bed and workout, that I could die of exhaustion after.  Funny, I pretty much did just that with an indoor workout:)

Wednesday, 18,300 steps
I actually did a double workout.  By afternoon I was feeling better, all fever was gone.  My cough even seemed to be lessening.  So I did two indoor workouts.  I thought this would be enough to beat her.  But it wasn't, I actually came in 3rd place that day.  But oh well, I was just thrilled to be feeling better again!

Thursday, 20,700 steps
Thanks to an icy morning trail run.  Yup I said trail.  Things have warmed up to 28-30 here in the morning (crazy odd weather), so the snow is pretty much melted.  So I decided to take the muddy side of the trail.  The ground was frozen for the most part, but the paved trail was icy so I figured I would have more traction and less likely to fall on my butt on the trail:)  My theory was right, and thankfully since the ground was still frozen, I didn't even kick up much mud on my clothes:)  Felt good to get out though, after a week and a half off running!
(Nothing like a good run to knock a bad cold out of you!)

Friday, 12,500 steps
Not quite as impressive, but that is because I was lazy and slept in:)

Saturday, 4,700 steps
Yup, pretty weak!  I had to work from early morning until night, then a family birthday party and by the time I got home I was too tired to workout.  I know, I know I should have anyway....but I didn't.

FYI: I only actually beat the sis one day this week..  That's gonna change!
In my other competitions with other Fitbit friends, I had a few day wins, but mostly hit mid pack in the results:)  That too will change:)

Overall, I must say competition works!  Normally, I am my own best competition in life.
But I would have never done what I did Tuesday & Wednesday if I didn't have my baby sister shoving it in my face that she can workout and be sick and take care of two kids and still beat me!

But I will say, she's in trouble when I step it up in the next few weeks as I break into the higher mileage as I get this body back into marathon shape!  Knowing her, she'll still be quite the competition!

This week, (knock on wood) I am healthy so my sis just better watch out!  My goal Mon-Sat this week is to get in at least 20,000 steps each day.  Whichever day I seem to be feeling my best, that is the day I am going to try to hit my first 30,000 step day???
I'm also enjoy double workout days.  Run in the morning and lighter workout in the afternoon or evening, so I might just keep that up this week!  Technically, doing so is likely the only way to actually hit those numbers until I get into the long runs:)
I've also started the strengthening process for my arms and wrist, as begin working on the handstand goal:)

Not much else to report on the fitness side.  Except I finally did order in a new Tread for my Treadmill and it arrived.  Now I just need to take the time to install it.
Fingers crossed that it works and fixes the machine.  I will probably be needing it quite a bit as the local inversion has been making the air quality quite poor.  Not exactly the healthiest to be breathing in while working out!  Since all the storms seem to be hitting back east, and skipping Utah.  It could be a long yucky air month ahead!

On a side note, the work injury has continued in the amazing me faze.  It is better and better all the time.  I am still wearing the boot to sleep, which I think because it's keeping the tendon stretched has really been helping.  I'd say I am at 90%-95% healed depending on the day, and well on the way to full recover!
Wow, even though I have remained confident and optimistic the entire time, I never realized how awesome it was going to be to say those words!

Also, I have not finished reading a book in 2 weeks... I know, something seriously wrong with that!  I am going to correct that this week for sure...maybe even right now!!!!

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Share with me your weeks, have any good, great or even not so great news to share?

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