The "ME TIME" Tag

This morning I was hopping around visiting a few of my blogger friends, and I notices Press on & Run tagged me in the "ME TIME" tag.
Since I didn't already have a post planned for today, and especially since answering questions about myself can make for a quick post, I decided why not, and to join in the fun!
I just hope it was okay to use the About me image:)

1. What do you watch and read during "ME TIME"?
If you read my blog you know I LOVE to read, although I have a wide taste in books, I do enjoy Young Adult that are written for adults:)  I go through phases, and sometimes I like adventure, mystery, dystopia etc.. Right now I am going through a weird darker phase, and I have a bunch of books I picked up that are a little on the "darker" side.  So we'll see:)
I'm not huge into T.V. I can go days without it.  But I do have a few that I enjoy; Walking Dead, Survivor, Heartland, Arrow.  I also have a daytime guilty pleasure that I don't watch much, but when I can, yeah I watch General Hospital:)

2. What do you wear during "ME TIME"?
Anything comfy, I am not a huge lover of long sleeves so I am usually in a comfy T-shirt or something that is in nice soft fabric.  However, quite often if I am going casual I can usually be found sporting a fun color running hat.  I have hats in almost any color:)

3. What are your "ME TIME" beauty products?
I'm not really into much, but I do moisturize, and I will put extra moisture on my face and neck, never a bad thing to try to age well:)  But I don't spend a ton of money on things like that, because I find cheaper brands are just as good as the expensive ones.  Others can keep their expensive scented lotions that dry their skin out.  I love my Jergins lotion!

4. Current favorite nail polish.
I have over 200 colors of nail polish.  I kind of have a problem if I see a great color I will buy it.  Usually forgetting I have one very similar.  I love to paint my nails.  Although I think I should re-do them today, now that I am on the subject:)
I like OPI Sally Hansen.  But I have found Nail Aid makes a 3 minute top coat that when I put it on, I can go a week without a single chip and that says a lot because I am constantly handling books and wedding equipment at my two jobs!

5. What do you eat drink during "ME TIME"?
Pepsi, that's my sweet nectar or choice:)  As for food, if I am going to pick a favorite it's Pizza:)

6.  Current favorite candle?
Well right now I am enjoying a pomegranate candle.

7.  Do you ever have outdoor "ME TIME"?
Heck yes!  Sometimes I will take a drive and just go out exploring or drive through a canyon.  I will hike alone, but if I do its usually in a National Park or a very popular trail where its safer because your not really alone because of all the other people out that day.

8.  Would you ever go see a movie alone?
I do it all the time.  Well maybe like once a month:)  But oh ya, it's great.  The first time I tried it I thought it would be weird, but it wasn't.  If I go, I go during the middle of the day, only on weekdays.  I show up just before it starts... Besides, once it starts no one else cares.  Not only that, but usually there are 1-3 other people doing the exact same thing!

9.  Favorite online shop?
I guess I will go with Amazon, you can really get anything there:)

10.  Anything else you do during "ME TIME?
I can't leave out blogging!  I love it, it's become one of my favorite "ME TIMES" I really enjoy the friendships I have made through all the networking.
Plus, I love my blog, it may not be the biggest or best out there, but its mine and I have enjoyed cultivating it into what it is now, I find it's a great stress reliever and just a fun way to talk about things I love!

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