Favorite Indoor Workouts

Today I am linking up with the DC Trifecta Friday Five.  Thanks to EatPrayRunDC, YouSignedUpForWhat? & MarontheRun for hosting this fun link-up!

Today's suggested topic is 5 Favorite Indoor Workouts.  

I am not a gym person nor am not a huge fan of working out indoors.  If and when I have no other option, these are a few of what I enjoy doing.

1.  The Treadmill, as much as I dislike it, sometimes I just have to like it.
I am also going to throw in, indoor tracks.  I have 3 indoor tracks within a mile or two of my home.  I recently just learned that the Olympic Speed Skating Oval from the 2002 Winter Olympics also has an indoor track that runs around the ice, I am kinda looking forward to hitting it up next crappy weather day.  I heard you get to run along side all the Olympic athletes while they are training.  I am thinking that might be pretty cool to try!

2. Jillian Michaels Workouts, especially her circuit training ones.  They kick my but each and every time, and sometimes its just fun to mix it up.

3. Resistance Bands, may sound funny but I like them.  They are things I can do when I am watching T.V. or have a few minutes here or there to spend on a little resistance training, arms or legs.

4.  Stair Climber, I have one of these it's lasted years.  I keep it in the bedroom with a great view of the T.V.  Doesn't matter if I only have 2 minutes or 20 minutes it's a great little workout!

5.  Chasing my nieces and nephews around and playing with them.  They are all seriously a fun workout.  It's amazing how many times a 1 or 5 year old can run around a house in an hour.  You get 3-5 of them together, and let me say I am exhausted by the time they leave, it's less exhausting to do a 10 mile run, than an hour of playing whatever they want.  Ha ha :)

So what are your favorite indoor workouts?  If your forced indoors, do you prefer Gym's or Home Gym's?

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