The Pizza Bible

If you are like me and you love a great Pizza, this is one cookbook you may want to consider adding to your collection!  The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani.

Let me tell you a few reason's I loved this cookbook.  I love pictures, especially good ones that show detail, and even how to do something.  This book has it.
The pictures are actually pretty mouth watering, clearly he knows how to make pizza look good!

I'm not a professional cook, in fact not even close.  But I do enjoy trying it from time to time.  But when your dealing with dough, it can be tricky.  What is sticky, what isn't sticky enough, how many times do you roll it, what happens if you over roll it.  Sounds crazy, but a lot can go into it and make the difference between a slice that is heaven, or a slice that is just pizza.

This book breaks the entire process down, so you can not only create some of the best pizza's, but they will taste better than ones you can get from some of the best restaurants.
From how to make the dough, how to store it, how long you can freeze it. Prep times.  I knew their were different kinds of flours, but I had no idea what a difference some of them can make with dough.
Not to mention all the different sauces, which are the best for which kinds of pizza and dough etc..

I used to think making pizza seemed pretty simple, and it is.  But just a few minor changes in the way you make it, and using the correct ingredients can make a world of difference, this I learned well!

I'm going to be honest, when I cook and particularly when I bake.  I bake on stones.  My stoneware is years old, and seasoned fabulously.  I learned how to clean them years ago without having to ruin the seasoning and all the work put into getting them to that point.  But even I picked up a new trick from this book.
Possibly the reason I found lots of success with the recipes in this book was because I cooked them on stoneware instead of steels.  I just thought I should mention that!

This is a Pizza Bible, not only does it tell you all the "Though Shall Not..."  But it even gives you his Ten Commandments of Pizza.  Sounds funny, and even I think it is.  But I learned a lot from it, enough to now be able to make the perfect pizza anytime!

Not only do you get the best tips tricks and recipe's for dozens of different kinds of pizzas.  But he's also got sections for Calzone's (which I love, and who doesn't!) Bread sticks, Pepperoli and sausage rolls.  As well as several things to do with leftover pizza dough, YUM!

Have I tried all of them?  Nope, I've really only scratched the surface, and their are a few that really I have no desire to try.
However, being a runner I love to eat pizza, I can't help it.  Being able to make it on my own, for a yummy meal after a long run, or even as part of a carbo-load before a big race is just a plus.  Being able to make it GREAT is even a bigger plus.

Their are lots of cookbooks out there on the market.  All cookbooks aren't for every cook, this one may or may not be right for you.
This one in my opinion is for someone who wants to take a little extra care to make something that will taste the best it possibly can.  This is also a good book for anyone who enjoys a California Style, Italian, Sicilian, Traditional or Chicago style and even grilled.  This is for the cook who loves pizza, and wants to learn new skills to make great pizza anytime!   For the cook that wants to take their time, and do something right, rather than just quick.

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this cookbook by Blogging For Books for my review.  I was not required to write anything positive, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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