Hoover Dam, Nevada

Many people visit Las Vegas, Nevada to see the casino's and shows.  But for those who want a little adventure, history and love to sight see.  About 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam is one of the places you should add to your visit if you are ever in the area.

I'm going to start off right away and apologize for my pictures.  The quality isn't exactly great, like I usually like to show you.   I've been to Hoover Dam, or Lake Mead a few times but in the past I never took a camera.  However, since I only use my own pictures and don't want to use others, these are the pictures you get.
But I will say, if you are visiting during better "daylight" hours of the day, these pictures would not only be clearer but the rocks are so much more red and vibrant and the water is usually a beautiful blue on a sunny day.  As you can tell my pictures were taken at night, pretty much just at dusk.

The Colorado River which begins in the Colorado Rockies and then heads into Utah and flows through some of the most beautiful desert country you have ever seen.  Eventually heads into Arizona/Nevada and the Hoover Dam which actually sits on the Nevada/Arizona boarder is where most of the remaining river water ends up.

Lake Mead is in some desolate but beautiful desert country.  Beautiful red and orange rock surround the lake.  Lake Mead is actually one of the largest reservoir in the United States (by Volume, not size.)
It was build during the Great Depression, it gave thousands of people jobs during hard times.  But it also took over a hundred lives in the process.

Most who visit the lake itself enjoy fishing and boating.  But many people, over a million a year take a trip to the Hoover Dam to see the Concrete arch that spans what is called the Black Canyon.

I highly recommend taking the time to walk across the bridge, lets just say the views are spectacular on both sides of the dam!
To give you an idea of the size, the Hoover Dam is 726 ft tall.  The base is as wide as two football fields.
An idea of how much concrete was used, you could build a 4 foot wide sidewalk around the entire equator of the earth with as much as they put into it.  Yup, that is a lot of concrete!

Have you been to Hoover Dam?  If you have I can pretty much guarantee a guess that your pictures are better than the ones I show above.  Is this a place, you hope to at least see once if you can?  

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