Hiking around Yellowstone Falls

If you haven't been to Yellowstone National Park, this is a place you definitely need to add to your list of places to visit.  There is a such a vast array of things to do and see within the park.  Although they are famous for their geysers, did you know they also have some of the most beautiful waterfalls?
Well if you didn't, your about to be shown a few and a hike that should be added to your trip schedule.

One thing I would like to mention.  There are several pull-outs along the road and view area's that require less difficulty to get to.  However, if you are in shape and don't mind a lot of climbing these are some area's of interest that I really enjoyed hiking down into.

I'd like to give you a couple of hikes to consider.  These hikes are located in the Canyon Area near the South Rim if your interested in finding them.  There are also a few other hikes I did in the area to capture some of these views.  If you have time, get out and explore them all or as many as possible, the views are worth it!!!!

Uncle Tom's Trail - If you are looking for some spectacular views, this very short trail that takes you down about 500 feet to a better view of the lower falls.  Be careful on this hike, use the guides along the stairs as needed to get down and back out.  I would recommend a sturdy hiking shoe for this, for safety reasons.

Have to admit I really liked this shot too!

Artist Point Trail to Point Sublime - This one was a little over 2.5 miles round trip, and wasn't very difficult at all.  Any average hiker would have little trouble with this one.  The Lower Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the park, it drops 308ft which is double that of Niagara Falls for those who need a little more to visualize.

The great part of this hike is the views are great no matter where you are at along this rim.  You can look along the river as it carves into the edge of what they call Yellowstone's Grand Canyon.  Or out along the waterfalls.

If you've been to the Grand Canyon, then you can see why they call this
Yellowstone's Grand Canyon!  Just beautiful!

This next shot is another I really liked how it turned out.  A lot had to do with the evening hours it was taken, but isn't it just a beautiful shot!  For this shot, I took one of the side trails along one of the lookouts.  It was steep and pretty much all downhill to get down, but worth the views.  Quite a short workout to get back up and out again too:)

This next picture was one of my favorite shots of the trip.  I just really lucked out, when I climbed down for the view and picture.  It was near the evening so the sun wasn't at it's fullest.  But it just hit the rock, and the water spray so perfectly and created this beautiful rainbow along mossy green rock into the raging falls below.

Have you been to Yellowstone?  If so, did you enjoy hiking to the views of the different waterfalls?

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