How to Take Care of Your Running Shoes

If your a runner, whether you run 100 meters or a marathon.  One thing we all have in common is our running shoes.  Most runners will tell you, they spare no expense to make sure they have excellent shoes that will hold up to the wear, tear and miles they put into them.   It's the one time we spend $100+ on shoes and know it's money well spent and we will spend it several times a year on as many pairs as it takes.
Which is why it is so important to take extra care with them, and know how to extend the best possible life in them!

I'd like to share a few tips and tricks I have learned through the years to help give the expensive running shoes I own, a much longer life.


* If possible purchase 2-3 pairs, and alternate them.  Running in the same shoe ever day can break it down faster.  But if you can give it a 24-48 hour break between runs you can actually extend the life of the shoe and get more miles out of them.

* When possible avoid running in the rain.  Or if you do have to do a training run in the rain, use an older pair, or a pair that is closer to their mileage running out.

* Never wash your running shoes in the washer.  I know they can get muddy, but throwing them in the wash isn't the answer.  Doing so will break the shoe down and sometimes can even ruin a pair.
Instead, spot clean them if possible.
If you do have to wash your shoes, NEVER put them in the dryer! Let them air dry, a dryer will surly ruin them!

* Check your running form.  Are you striking your heel too much, or maybe your dragging your feet at times.  A few changes in the way you run, will not only help your stride, but will help pro-long the life of your expensive running shoes.  If you're not sure how to do this, have an experienced runner or coach watch you run to give you tips, or visit a running medical specialist and have a running analysis done.

* Never leave your shoes in a hot car.  A lot of the plastics/rubber on the shoe can actually deform or melt on you, especially in the warmer months of the year.  This will damage the shoe and wear it out faster.  Instead buy a bigger bag, or purse and take them into work or wherever with you instead of leaving them in the backseat or trunk.

* Only wear running shoes, to run in.  Doing other things in them, can ruin them.  They are made for running/walking.  Not cross training, lifting or hiking!

FUN TIP: If you keep your running shoes and store them in boxes, or want to.  When you get them make a note of the date you purchased them.  And use the box as a quick mileage journal for them.
That way you'll always know when the shoes are nearing their end!

So tell me, what tips do you have to prolong the life out of your running shoes?  Or is this something you haven't thought about before?

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