Attitude can be the key!

Me Monday's
How is everyone's Monday going?  The one thing I love about Monday's, it's like a reset button.  If you had not the best previous week, your attitude Monday morning can reset the tone for hopefully a much better week!

I don't like to dwell on negative, but I also like to be an honest blogger:)  So let me just say, I had a really rough past week.
Well on May 2nd when I was out on my run, something happened to my non-injured foot.  At first I didn't think too much of it, I just remember a small pain, and then after a few steps the pain went away.  Well by the next day, I woke up and when I took a step, lots an lots of pain.
I didn't mention it last week, when I did my Monday post, because I was sort of hoping it was a fluke and would just go away.
I didn't run on it last week, to give it time to heal.
Well, if you've heard of the term stress fracture... Yup that is what I have, so if you don't already know something about me, this past 17 months I have been cursed with bad luck.  This is just another side effect of it I guess.
(Why a stress fracture?  Well the muscles that support the bones are a little weak in my feet from not being able to run, and well sometimes things just happen:(

For 17 months I have chosen to have a great attitude, because I really believe attitude can help cure things even faster.  I won't lie, I've had a few weak moments this past week, but I am set to keep a good attitude about this too.
My right foot stress fracture should be healed in another 4-5 weeks.
The only other side effect of it is, my tendon injured left foot isn't liking picking up the slack.  So I've had a few tiny bouts of tendinitis flare up in it.  But I am wearing the boot at night to hopefully fix that...


Well, although I am off running again for a few more weeks.  I am full on in wedding season right now.  I know I mentioned a month or so back that I was going to be cutting down on how many weddings I would be doing for the future.  Because I was planning to make a career change, and turn weddings into a part time job.
Wedding decoration
It's really hard to see the colors in this picture.  But they were Peacock Blue and Emerald Green

Well, life decided to tell me not yet.  I plan to tell you all about that, but not just yet:)
So because of that I decided to accept a few more brides this month instead.  So it's been wedding's every single weekend, and will be for some time to come.

This week, on Wednesday I'll show off a beautiful wedding that we did a few weeks back and you can get a peak of my new glowing ruffle table I designed.  Last Thursday I did a wedding, the bride went with a Peacock feather theme, so the colors all centered around this.  I'll have to showcase all the pictures another time, but I thought I'd share the backdrop that we did.

Wedding decoration
Here is a close-up so you can see the detail better with the peacock blue ribbons
and feathers we weaved into the entire backdrop.
Everything went great at the wedding for the bride and groom, and they were very happy with everything which always makes me happy!
My crew had to take over a lot of the running around so I could stay of my foot, but I still ended up walking 6 miles that day, so obviously I don't know the meaning of take it easy:)

The only negative, while we were in setting up the wedding some idiot decided to try and steal my trailer that was hooked up to the truck.  They jammed the hitch lock with a screw driver.  Thank goodness I had a lock on it, or I would have lost the trailer and everything in it.  Some people are just moron's, and don't want to pay for their own business trailer, guess they think its easier to steal someone else's.  I'm just happy and that all I have to do is buy a new lock! So I guess in that sense, I am really lucky!


Which is why I mentioned that I love Monday's because I can just hit a reset button and I've already determined that this week is going to be a much better week!
A busy week, I have only 2 days to finish getting things taken care of from the last wedding, and get ready for this weeks wedding.  But that's okay, I enjoy being busy and I love a bit of stress to get the mind working better and energy flowing!
I get a lot of people asking me what really goes into planning a wedding and decorating for an event.  I was going to share a little of that today, but I think this post is already too long so I will save that for another time.


So tell me what great or not so great things happened to you last week?  Do you like to hit a reset button each new week and start over with a good attitude and good vibes too?

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