Travel Tuesday - Visiting Amish Country

This week for Travel Tuesday I would like to take you to Bird in Hand.  A small beautiful quiet little Amish town near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
To be honest, the Amish have intrigued me for many years.  I find it amazing and fascinating that in this day and age, there are people who are so strong in their beliefs they can do away with the electrical luxuries the rest of us all use on a daily basis.
I find them to be a peaceful and forgiving people, and although I have photographed the buggies, out of respect I will not show any pictures of actual Amish.

What can you expect if you travel to this part of the world?  Peace and a visit back in time.  Beautiful rolling green acres, with farmers working their fields the old fashion way, with horses and old fashion plows.

Of course you will see lots and lots of buggies.  They share the road with you.

Along with their beautiful horses.  I am a horse girl myself, I love to see the beautiful animals.

There are places you can tour, that are actually set up so you can see inside the Amish culture.  They will tell you all about their homes and how they operate.  Why they wear the clothing they do.
Can you believe none of the women's dresses are sewn, they are all pinned together with straight pins, seriously!
They'll explain which men wear the beards (married) and which do not, and why.

They will tell you how they cook, and show you.  As well as talk to you about how they survive, what business they own, what food they harvest.
It's actually quite interesting to learn about them, and why they do what they do.
You'll learn about the difference between the Amish and Mennonites, and by the time you leave you'll speak a little Pennsylvania Dutch and be able to tell the difference between an Amish or Mennonite.

Take a drive around the area, and visit a few of the covered bridges "aka Amish kissing bridges".  Placed throughout the beautiful country.  I love these covered bridges, some have far more character than others.  But many of them are very, very old!

I highly recommend some Dutch cooking!  There are several eateries in the area where you can stop and get your fill in good ol' Dutch cooking.  I will say this was one of my favorite things.  But I will say, eating too much of it, you'll gain a pound or two, its so fabulously yummy!
Additionally, do some shopping.  Hand crafted amazing goods, that you'll surely be able to treasure!

Enjoy your evenings, in this peaceful country.  Watch a sunset and be surrounded by country where there are far more hoses carrying buggies, than their are cars driving down the road.

*  These pictures are all near Lancaster, an area called Bird in Hand.  Which is actually a tourist community for the Amish.  They have lots of their stores and shops where you can buy their hand made goods.
*  Be respectful of their privacy, don't photograph them unless they approve it.  Don't drive down their private lanes.
*  There are actually Amish communities all over the Midwest and Eastern states.
*  We stayed at a local hotel in Lancaster.  There are actually lots of hotels, Inn's and B&B's.
*  This particular area is near Philadelphia, it was about a 30 minute drive.
*  These pictures were taken in the fall, the hills would be a lot more green in spring and summer.

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