Silenced by Dani Pettrey - A Book Review

This is actually book four in the Alaskan Courage Series by Dani Pettrey.  However, I should note I did not know this was the 4th book in the series until after I started reading it.  With that said, it was actually it's own stand alone story, so although I missed out on getting to know some of the other characters in it better in the previous books.  Even reading this one without the others, I still really enjoyed it!

Kayden McKanna's a hard core mountain climber.  She is one of the best in Alaska and has found lots of relaxation, peace and enjoyment in this hobby.  But one day, when she was out of a fun climb with some friends and comes across a dead climber, she soon realizes things in her life are about to change, and not for the better.

Jake Westin didn't want to be assigned to the case of the dead climber, but sometimes life hands a person the unexpected.  The only thing he is going to enjoy about it, is spending a little more time with Kayden.  As he's secretly harbored feelings from her for some time now, even though he knows she'll probably never reciprocate.

Together they head out on an investigation that soon turns up a few leads, that lead them to the conclusion that the dead climber didn't just fall.  Instead they discover proof he was murdered.  Together they head out to uncover new evidences, turn up suspects and find the real truths to who murdered the climber and why.
The only problem is, the killer is also onto them.  The closer they come to finding the truth, the closer they come to realize the truth is worst than they thought, and it may be the end of them.
But sometimes dangerous truths can bring two people together in ways that neither of them were prepared for.

Silenced by Dani Pettrey is excellently written, to keep the reader intrigued with the suspense.  Fast paced, with lots of twists and turns.  Lovable characters surrounded by great family and values and light romance.  A story in the beautiful setting of Alaska, this story is a great escape read!  This novel is written for adults, with content that you'd even approve of your teenagers reading.  I highly recommend this read, to add to your summer reading lists!!!
My only recommendation, if you have the time read the three previous books first:)  As I have already added them to my reading list as well!

Disclaimer: I was provided a complementary copy of this book by Baker Publishing Group for my review.  I was only asked to give an honest review.  I was not required to give a good review, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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