Take a Runcation without a race

With memorial weekend coming up, a friend of mine was saying she wasn't sure what to do for the holiday.  She wanted to get away, but she is training for an upcoming race and she didn't want to loose out on her training.  But she still wanted to getaway and see some new sights.  So I suggested she take a "Runcation" without a race.

Living in Utah, we have a vast amount of sightseeing opportunities.  Although as I have traveled around the country and ran through the different states, I can say the same for most of them.
I suggested she hop in the car, and drive to a new destination each day and go for a run somewhere that she never would train or run a race in otherwise.  We talked about a few options, and she'll be taking off later today to go vacation running in a few new places for the next 5 days.

Sometimes a change of scenery can be refreshing, you never know what you might discover if you take the road less traveled and set out to explore on foot.


* If you have a few days, try traveling to a new spot or area each day of your trip.
* Don't go alone.  Maybe bring the husband, your kids or a friend(s) with you, throw them on bikes and have them carry your water if they aren't runners.
* I think some of my best exploration trips have been the unplanned ones, but just in case it can be helpful to bring a good map with you.
* Even in new and unfamiliar surroundings it is best to remain aware of them.  If it looks like it may rain, and your in the desert near runoff area's, make sure you don't find yourself caught in flash flood situations.
*  Wouldn't hurt to carry pepperspray/tear gas sprays with you.
*  Bring water with you.  If you are going to be out a while, wouldn't hurt to pack a little toilet paper, just in case you have to take a break and squat with nature:)
*  Most importantly, just be safe so you can have a fun time seeing new places via running shoes:)

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