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A few months back I did a RANDOM QUESTIONS post about myself, and a lot of you commented that you enjoy it.  So I thought I would give it a try again, this time with completely different questions.  If your wondering how I came up with the questions.  No it wasn't on my own.  I actually found a site that had 800 random questions, so I just picked a few:)

How many pairs of running shoes do you own?
I rotate 2-3 at one time.  But currently under my bed you can find 16 pairs:)

What would you do if you won the lottery?
First I'd make sure NO one knew I'd won.  Next I'd book all the rest of the marathons I need to finish my 50 states & DC goal.  I'd design and build my own wedding reception center.  I'd secretly love to help pay other people's bills without them knowing:)

What crazy talents do you have?
I was actually reminded of this just the other day.  They tell me it's both a blessing and a curse:)  I have this incredible ability to manipulate almost any conversation in my favor, and make the other person appear wrong or feel bad for what they have said.  I can also use the same skill to talk people into doing things they wouldn't normally do, by manipulating them into thinking it was their idea and it was a great idea.  I know I try not to do it often... Maybe I shouldn't have gone public with that, oh well.

Have you ever been canoeing or kayaking?
Many times!  I've even been kayaking in the Bermuda triangle:)

What is your favorite 80's movie?
That's tough because I have a few fav's.  But Girls Just Want to Have Fun is always a fun one!

What is the most embarrassing song on your playlist?
LOL, Rainbow Connection by the Carpenters also known as the Kermit the Frog song...  Don't ask, but it's there:)

Do you have a fun meeting a celebrity story?
Well I didn't actually meet him.  But Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In college I had a roommate who lived in a fancy gated community.  Which also at the time happened to be one of Arnold's homes.  So one weekend we went to her place.  Then to his property down the lane and his gate into his property happened to be open.  I drove in and somehow ended up in the back yard.  As we drove past this indoor atrium room, he was actually standing looking out the window at us (It was late at night and dark.) He was also on the phone.  I realized I was at a dead end, so I had to back up, which also made my cute little sports car have to back up onto a mountain.  By the time I turned around everyone in the car asked me to drive as close to the window as possible and slow down, I did.  Arnold looked smaller in person than I imagined:)  I think he was laughing at me, but in shock that some sports car just off wheeled up his mountain and back to him.  When we left, the gates not surprisingly shut and locked us out, LOL.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I've actually thought about this.  I'd still pick where I am now, Utah.  I love my mountains!

If you could go on a reality TV show, which one would you pick?
Survivor, and I would so win that game!!! (take note of the manipulation answer above, and you'll see where I get my confidence:)  hahaha

Have you ever fired a gun or tried archery?
Yes!  I am actually an excellent shot.  Have been ever since I was really young.  In fact at age 14 I out-shot all the guys in my Hunters Safety class, and they were all years older then me.
I was actually quite good in archery too when I was younger, but I haven't done that in years.  I really should buy a bow, might be fun to take up again:)

Have you ever pulled a prank?
So many, I couldn't even begin to tell you all of them.  What can I say, I enjoy a great prank!

Can you solve Suduko puzzles?
Yes, and I love to do the really hard ones that are 1-16, not just the 1-9:)

Have you ever been professionally photographed?
Haha, kinda.  Years ago right after college I needed a job.  My mom found a job for a hair model.  So she sent me to the address.  It turned out it was one of those modeling agency's and they made me go through this whole catwalk thing...  haha.  They took video, had me do stuff for Disney show spots, and then took face shots...  No I didn't become a model:) But I still get a laugh out of it!

Are you a hat person?
Yes, I have running hats in almost every color.  Although I am still on the search for a cute yellow one:)

If evil-doers invaded your country, would you rush to the battlefield or hide in a box?
I'd rush to the battlefield!

Who is your favorite superhero?
Hmmmm well only recently have I started watching the TV series Arrow (Just the first season) and that guy is super hot!!!! So right now, I pick him!!!

Have you ever written a love letter?
Nope.  But this is embarrassing to admit, I can't believe I am going to put this.  But some random guy left me one at one of the libraries I work at the other day.  It was so bad, they didn't even wan to show it to me.  (thank goodness!!) But one of the gals I work with told me about it.  After she did, I was so glad they didn't hand it to me when I was there!!!

Do you own an lava lamp?
Yup, a blue one:)

Are you related, or distantly related to anyone famous?
Liz Taylor is the only one I know of.

You are walking to work and you see a dog drowning in a canal.  Your boss said if you are late one more time you are fired, do you go to work or save the dog?
Depends on if it was one of my neighbors annoying little dogs, or a random one:)  I'd save the random one for sure:) Don't hate me, my neighbors little yappers are the most annoying thing on earth and I secretly wish they would disappear one night! (Speaking of which, if you'd like a small ankle bitter dog, I would be happy to ship you 3 of them:)

What is the fastest you've ever driven?
Around 140MPH, I know stupid!  Even dumber, if I told you where, but I better not share that:)

What is something you have done, that you look back on and wonder how you ever lived?
In college these guys went rock climbing every Wednesday afternoon/night.  They were pretty cute, and I didn't think there was anything wrong with telling them I rock climbed too.  So we went, and I would just copy what they did.  The worst was once we did this near 175 foot chimney climb in the middle of the night in Southern Utah and did not rope up, all free climb.  They had asked me if I was experienced, and I just ya, it's just been a while.  So they didn't blink an eye at letting me come along. At the time I oddly didn't think anything of it.  Now I look back and wonder how I did not fall to my death...

So now you know more random things about me, than you ever cared to:)  In my comments below, feel free to answer one of the questions above about yourself:)


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