Travel Tuesday - San Antonio Riverwalk

This week for Travel Tuesday I am going to suggest visiting the San Antonio, Texas Riverwalk area.  In the heart of downtown runs a beautiful river, that winds through the heart of the city.

You can stay in a hotel right on the river front.  Spend your day's walking or jogging around the different paths.  Walk to just about any type of restaurant or eatery, or shop until your heart is content.

Most people think of Texas as a dry desert, and they would be right.  But in this area, it is so green and lush and tropical you'd think you were walking down a river in Hawaii.

You may recognize this picture if you like the Miss Congeniality movie.
It was the setting for the talent show.

You can also hop on and take a relaxing river taxi, and see the sights by boat, instead of by foot.

The Riverwalk district is just as beautiful and fun at night.  There are lots of things to do and see no matter the time of day.

I personally recommend getting a hotel on the Riverwalk if possible.  Because if you do, this may just be one of the types of views outside your hotel window as it was for me when I visited:)

Also, they have the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio, which is what I was there for when I took these pictures.  So if you enjoy running and racing, picking this race brings you right into this area.  In fact you even run through parts of it.

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