I went to HELL

Grand Cayman

Yes, I went to Hell.  That is Hell, Grand Cayman.  Most people know Grand Cayman for it's beautiful turquoise waters and fabulous reef for diving.  However, you may or may not know it actually has a destination of Hell.

Grand Cayman

This is really just a short tourist stop, you could do it in an hour or less.  But if you are in the area, I suggest checking it out mainly for the fun so you can tell everyone you've been to Hell and back.  Not only that, but they do have a post office, so you can send all your family a postcard from Hell:)
I did just this, and crazy it only cost 20 cents to mail.  I didn't actually thing they would show up in the states, but sure enough a few weeks later my family received their postcard from Hell.

Grand Cayman

The town is named for it's unique rock formations.  If your lucky you may spy an iguana in the tree's.  The rocks are sharp, so they are more just something to look at, you don't actually go walk around in them.  Doing so would probably ruin them anyway.

Grand Cayman
Myself and my friend.  Ignore my hair, I had been riding around in a jeep all morning
and forgot to take the headband off before the picture:)


*  Take some cash with you (in case you want to send a post card), they do accept American currency.
*  If you rent a car, or are driving just remember they drive on the wrong side of the road (If your American:) Of course, if you are from somewhere else in the world it might just be exactly right for you:)
*  Its a short drive from the National Park in Grand Cayman if you want to take a detour after.

I had to laugh at this picture, the guy on the left I didn't realize this until after.  But he is
of course holding a huge bottle of Rum.  We had previously just visited the largest Rum capitol
before heading to Hell.  Yes drinking and driving is apparently okay in the Cayman's.
In fact they told us you are allowed to drive and drink as long as you can stand up and walk???

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