Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi - A book review

I am finally catching up on so many different series lately, and reading the third and final books in trilogies, I am absolutely loving all my spring reading!  For those who have read my blog a while, you know I loved Shatter Me.  It took my by surprise, it was so original and totally great amazing.

NOTE: I do not write spoilers, however if you haven't already read the first two books in this series, then this review may provide to be a spoiler for the other two.

I have been waiting so long to finally hear how it ends, and made sure I sat down with a good solid afternoon so I wouldn't have to stop in the middle of this one.
A few days before reading it, I was talking to a friend who had just read it and she told me I was going to hate it.  Well, because I knew where her feelings were on it, and I knew where mine were that didn't ruin it for me.  I guessed and hoped that Tahereh Mafi would take it in the direction she did.  When I found out ahead of time that she went the way I hoped, I think that helped me love it even more.

However, because I know others may have their own opinions on this, and I do not want to ruin the ending or what happens for anyone.  I am going to write this review and be a bit more evasive as not to spoil it or ruin it for anyone else.

Ignite Me starts off right where Unravel Me left off.  Juliette had just been shot, and saved by Warner.  But what had happened to all of her friends, all of the others?  You find out right in the first chapter, and the trilogy finally takes off and shoots right into the direction I personally had been hoping it would right from the beginning.

Let's talk about the love triangle.  I know there are Adam fans, and their are Warner fans.  Seemingly good versus bad, and seemingly bad versus good.  Two guys, one girl and we just found out in book two that they are also brothers, but only Adam knows.

This is where I get evasive a little.  Mafi left what I took as several hints in Unravel Me at the direction things were going to go.  Maybe some of you were like me, and loved it.  Others, were hoping she was not really going that way, and would switch. 
One of the things I absolutely love about Ignite Me, is Juliette finally becomes this kick butt girl.  I wanted her to be that from the beginning, but as we know she had to work through a few things first.  I don't think I am giving anything away with this, because you pretty much know that from the cover.

Mafi, wrote Shatter Me with a lot of crossed out words.  Which was an absolutely unique writing style.  You were able to read a story, but still know what was going on in Juliette's mind.  We only got a tad bit of that in book two.  My theory is, Juliette was growing and changing.  Therefore Mafi decided to use less and less of the things going on inside Juliette's mind.  Which by Ignite Me, she is strong and independent, and a force to be reckoned with.  We don't need to know what is going on in her head, because she does/says exactly what she means to.

I really don't want to give too much away, so I am hesitant to give too many more details.  But I will say, Juliette takes her powers and decides exactly what she wants to do with them.  She becomes the leader we always knew she would.  She also makes the tough decisions that are not easy, but also right for her and for humanity.
The love triangle takes an interesting spin for some, and for others goes exactly where we always hoped it would be.  (Yes, I loved the way this part went!)
The romance in this book is quite a bit more than in all other books in this series.  There is an amazing take or give build (which I loved).  There is still the trust factors and slow and passionate romance build.  But everything Juliette knew, even the things we as readers thought we understood are thrown for a fascinating spin, and I just loved it!

This again was one of those trilogies that I finished and actually felt great about it.  I wasn't disappointed or left to wonder what would happen next and things weren't really left to my imagination.  Mafi ended this series, with what I say was, fabulously.  Fan's of the other part of the love triangle, may disagree.  But that is half the fun with a great book, you get to be surprised!
If you love a great romance, lots of action and great writing.  You'll love the Shatter Me series!!!

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