Me Monday's - Running, laughs and bloghop

This week was a bit more productive on getting back into running again.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 1 Mi. run, 2 mi. walk = 3 miles
Wednesday - 1.5 Mi. run, 2 mi. walk = 4 miles
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 2.1 Mi. run, 2.5 mi. walk = 4.6 miles
Saturday - Rest

Tuesday & Wednesday I broke up the running in 1/2 mile increments.  
But on Friday, I ran my first non broken up mile:) Which felt great to be able to do that.
I've had a small ache on the side of my foot, I think where the original injury happened for the past 3 weeks.  But with icing it after it hasn't seemed to get any worse.  I have had a hard time telling if it is just sore muscles in the foot, or if it is lingering tendinitis or bursitis???  I dunno, I am going to keep my eye on it and make sure it it doesn't get any worse.

This week, I think will be a week pretty much like last week.  I want to make sure the muscles in the foot and ankle are handling the increase in running well before I move onto more.  I've been handling this all pretty slowly as the Dr. recommended so that I don't mess up all the healing that has done.  It's taken a lot of patience, but on the plus side, I am learning to have patience now:)



So I thought I'd share a funny true story that happened this past week.  Most people may think that working in a library is boring.  However, some days have their great moments, so I thought I'd share this with you. Especially since it gave me and many others one of our greatest laughs in a while.

I was working at the front desk and a young girl came up to me in tears, she said "my grandma is in the bathroom and she is breathing hard and in a lot of pain, and she won't answer me.  I am scared for her."

Thinking maybe this woman was having a heart attack.  I went over to the bathroom, making sure my cell was in my pocket in case I had to call 911.
Now, for those who don't know I had some of medical training in college for many different emergency lifesaving situations.  Although you always hope to not have to use it, as I hurried to the bathroom to the old woman I was going over possible scenario's in my mind and reminding myself what to do with whatever I am faced with.

I opened the door, and I hear a women screaming bloody murder, and she was breathing heavily.
Before, I barged through the door, I noticed she wasn't on the floor.  Judging by the type of screaming I ruled out heart attack.
So I said, "Do you need help in here, are you okay?"
No response, just more screams.  The granddaughter was holding open the bathroom door.  The entire quiet library was wondering what was going on in there, you'd of thought someone was dying.

I asked again, "Mam, are you okay in there, do you need my help, should I call 911?"
At first I was only met with more screams, and then she screamed out "Ahhhh I Am So Constipated." 
Yes, the entire library that was quiet as a mouse heard that.
I bit back a laugh.  I said, "So your okay then, or do you want me to call 911?"
She just kept screaming bloody murder, and yelling that she was constipated, over and over.

The young granddaughter said in tears "I am going to go find my mom, she's on the other side of the library."
I held open the door, as the daughter was already making her way to the bathroom, with a furious look on her face.
Daughter shows up, basically tells her mother to shut up and get off the toilet and stop embarrassing herself.
I casually left the bathroom and did everything I possibly could to not smile.
As I left, I noticed every patron in the library was all big smiles and eyes on me and the bathroom door.  I just shook my head as I walked out.

A minute later the older woman came out of the bathroom, as if nothing had ever happened.. (Which might have been the funniest part, that she did that.  Even better that she actually stayed to go browse the DVD's instead of running for the door.  Which I assume most people would have done after they got the courage to walk out.
Let me just say, I am really happy that I did NOT have to call 911.  That would have been an awkward call. Yes, can you please send some paramedics, we have a very constipated woman in pain on a toilet.....

If there is a lesson to be learned from this, that is.  Make sure to keep plenty of fiber in your diets:)  Especially, if you are going out in public!


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A special thanks to FitRunningMama for co-hosting and helping me spread the word!
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So what do you have going on this week?  Any fun plans?  Great races coming up, or ones you just ran over the weekend?  A funny story to share?
I'd love for you to share in the comments.  As well as if you have a great blog post you want me to make sure I check out, just leave a link to it in the Comment Luv below:)

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