Getting Healthy Again

Last week I mentioned I have a stress fracture in my right foot now and I have to take it easy.
Things have pretty much gotten progressively worse. After last weekend at the wedding, it's safe to say I am in so much pain in the fractured foot I can barely take a step without sharp pain that brings me near tears.

I am in crutches, because it's easier to get around than wincing in pain every other step.  Yesterday, I managed to stay off of it pretty much the entire day.  I spent a day laying around reading books, which was a plus:)

So we'll see how it goes.  But before I go fork out money for another Dr. visit, I am going to see what staying off my feet for the better part of 5 days will do for it.  Day 6, I hired a few extra crew to help at the wedding so hopefully I can just sit and tie chair sashes and give them orders on what to do as they work around me:)  So wish me luck that this is what it needs to start getting better!


Earlier this year I set out to drop the pounds I gained while being inactive for a year because of the tendon injuries.  Then I took that cruise, and when I came back I slowly got back into a few bad habits.
Generally I am a healthy eater, for the most part.  I mean I'll splurge once a week.  But the rest of the time I am pretty good.  Except for drinking Pepsi. 
I had pretty much all but quit and then after the trip I slowly started drinking on, to the point I am now where I am having 1 a day again.  Occasionally, if it's a crazy busy day I've even had 2.  I know terrible, but it is what it is.

I've gained a few pounds back on what I had worked so hard to lose.
It wasn't until the other day I went to put on a pair of shorts and I stood in front of the mirror and I was like. YIKES, and took them off.  It was realizing that I wasn't even comfortable going out in public wearing a pair of shorts, that I need to start taking action now.
Especially if I can start walking and running again in the coming weeks, it will be full on summer and the fact that right now I wouldn't allow myself to be out running in a pair of shorts is a big red flag to me.

Although I may try getting on a bike, if it doesn't hurt my foot with the pressure (we'll see) for the most part I am back to not being able to really do any cardio for another week or so.  Which is a bit discouraging.
However, just because I can't do cardio doesn't mean I can't get healthy again in other ways, right?

So this weeks focus is going to be, not drinking any soda and getting my full daily water requirements.  Start flushing some of the bad out and refreshing it again with the good.  It's a small step in the right direction, but it's a step.  To keep me accountable, I'll start posting my weight loss results again each week in my Monday post.


I wish I had a less boring life, and I had some fun things to report.
I realized today as I am writing this, it's past the middle of May and I haven't been camping or fishing this year at all.  This is a first for me, I usually start camping and breaking out the fishing pole in late March or mid April at the latest and if possible I prefer to go every weekend.

So with memorial weekend coming up and a few of the campgrounds I enjoy going, with the snow melting I am looking forward to getting out.  I don't know why I let life get so busy I haven't been getting out to enjoy what I love to do more than anything!

My goal is to get my fracture healed as soon as possible so I can get out and enjoy my mountains I love so much!  

My niece and nephew asked me to take them hiking up to Bald Mountain this year.  So of course I can't let them down:)  The way I look at it, I've got about 2 months to get this foot ready to hike and climb.

The reason I say two months is because that is about how long it will take for the snow to melt:)  This photo (left) was taken by a friend who drove up there a few days ago.  At least it's melted enough to get the plows up there to a point.   This is at 10,700 feet.  The hike itself you go up to almost 12,000 feet so it takes till mid summer for it to melt enough before I

am taking a 9 and 10 year old up there:)
This picture (right) is where we will be hiking to the top of.  It actually has some beautiful views from up at the top.  But oddly in all the times I climbed up it before I never took a camera:(  So this year, I'll take the kids and the camera!

Although this is where they specifically asked me to take them, I have several other places I have plans to take them hiking this year as well.  I love that they are getting older and I have new hiking partners again:)


Okay, so I will quite boring you about me for now:)
So tell me, do you have some fun plans for the summer, places you are excited to visit or hike to?
Do you like hiking?

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