February is Going to be Fun

So last week, kinda wasn't really much to talk about.  I ended up catching a bad cold the day before my birthday.  It was one of my nieces birthday presents to me, LOL.  I really kind of slacked on workouts and really everything, so I have decided to push last week behind me, and now that I think I am over the worst of it, I am going to focus on the future!


What is in store for me this month?  I am going to be bumping up my training, increasing my weekly mileage and increasing my long runs each week.  If all goes as I hope I should be running my first 18 miler in over two years before the end of the month.  I just have to keep hoping the unusual mild winter we've been having in Utah keeps up!
Because if things keep going as I hope, I'll be running my 40th marathon at the end of March.
I have to say, I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to add a title to a post section on marathon training, it's been way, way too long!
You may laugh, but I actually already booked and paid for my hotel to the race, but I have not yet entered it.  (I booked at a refundable hotel.) I don't know why I keep second guessing myself, and keep worrying my work injury won't continue to leave.  But I do, and because of that is the only reason I haven't entered it yet.  However, its probably going to sell out soon, so I need to make up my mind quick!  If it is not the one in March, then I have another in April that I am already setting my sights on as well.  So we shall see:)


The Fitbit competitions are still awesome and fun as ever.  Although my sisters know I should be creaming them because of my morning runs.  They don't allow that to stop them or detour them from beating me many days.  I have to hand it to them, they really have been working their butts to find every spare minute they can.  They are averaging 20,000 - 30,000+ steps a day and neither of them are running right now.  Those are just in walking and daily workouts and cleaning their house and taking care of the kids.  Crazy, and kinda impressive if I must say so!
I always thought I'd be the first to hit a 40,000 step day, but with competing against those two sisters, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them figure out how to do it first and beat me to it before I get to my 18 milers:)  Heck, I haven't even hit the 30k step day yet... Maybe this will be my week???
Gotta love a little extra motivation!


I am doing great on workouts, but my diet needs some work.
Although I have been (yet again) working on quitting drinking Pepsi, or at least drop it to once a week.
I have hit that point that I need to watch the diet, and increase the water intake. Especially if I want to drop a significant bit of weight before the marathon!  Fingers crossed, we'll see how it goes this week!
Truthfully, I am not going on a specific diet, I will just be watching my calories and trying to incorporate a more healthier eating approach.


Ever since I came up with the idea for the Grow Your Blog, Blog Hop last June, I have been super excited for February to come!
I've put a lot of work into this idea, and even more work getting what I hope will be great post content scheduled ahead of time and ready for February, so I can spend less time writing posts and more time visiting other blogs and networking with all the others.

I had so many fabulous bloggers respond, that I had to end the sign up early and cap it at 40. So for this first time running it, I wouldn't get beyond overwhelmed not only for myself, but for others. Today is the official first day of the hop, and although today isn't my day to be spotlighted, I still wanted to bring the topic up, and let you all have a glimpse of who the fabulous participants are.

Even if you didn't sign up to participate, if you are interested in growing your blog, you can still have a little of the fun, if you'd like.  See every blogger on this list has committed to networking the entire month.  Meaning, if you visit their blog and leave a comment and a way for them to comment back on your blog, they should be doing it within 72 hours.
It's not required, but if you do comment, if you could mention you saw their blog in the hop list, and came to visit.  That would be helpful, because many of the bloggers will be keeping track of their number, and what impact this networking experience had with their blog:)
It's a bonus for them, and you because its a great way to meet new bloggers!

Here are the Fabulous February Participants:

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Bolting Butterfly                                Run Mum
Lake Shore Runner                            This Mama Runs For Cupcakes
In Lesley's Corner                              A Couple of Dashes
From Dancing to Running                   Running With SD Mom
Ginger Rachelle                                 Life Between the Miles
Sublime Reflection                            Erica Finds
Former Fitness Flunky                       Fairy Burger
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Also Ran Again                                  Faster Than Frank
Fit Momma                                        Healthy Disney Family

So does anyone else have spring races they are gearing up for?  Or exciting news they would like to share?

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