Deliverance by C.J. Redwine

Deliverance is actually the third and final book in the Defiance Trilogy.  Although I never write spoilers, if you haven't already read Defiance and Deception then this review could be a spoiler for those, but it will not be for Deliverance.

(I thought I had done a review for Defiance, but apparently I haven't.  If you'd like here is my review for Deception.

I really loved Defiance, that was the book that hooked me into this series.  Lots of action, adventure, twists and romance.  Deception, was a little different.  Although I enjoyed it, it took me longer to get into it, and it didn't have quite the flare the first book had.
So I was curious on what I would think about the final book Deliverance, but I will admit my hopes were high.  Especially since the cliffhanger we were left with just before this book starts.

Deliverance really delivered for me!  I found it to be extremely fast paced, full of action and kept my curiosity and imagination running as read through the pages.
Although I didn't finish this one in one sitting, I probably could have easily if I had, had the time.

This one picks up nearly right at the exact place the previous left off.  Rachel has been kidnapped and her fate is uncertain.  We know she is strong, but since her body is a little more broken we know right off she might not be able to fight her way out of this situation as she normally can.
There is nothing hidden by her captors, they want her dead and are only keeping her alive because their leader asked.
We quickly get thrown into new plans for Rachel and this makes for an interesting twist for the rest f the story.

Logan, is scrambling to put together an army, and then get after those who captured the love of his life Rachel.  But when forced to make some unlikely allies and new goals and obstacles come into place.  It's got Logan scrambling and even as a reader you'll wonder if he can pull it off.
Super fast paced, this book really doesn't stop with the action and keeping the reader guessing.

I am not going to say anything about the ending itself, but I will say I walked away very satisfied.  I really enjoyed this series.  I found I loved the characters Rachel and Logan and I think the author did a fabulous job with keeping things fresh and new and moving along.

This is a Young Adult novel, but like myself even adults will enjoy.  The content is actually pretty appropriate for all audiences.  However, because of the war theme and some of the bloodshed it probably would be better for ages 14+.  It's fast paced fantasy, filled with a few twists and a few unexpected turns that even I didn't see coming.  If your interested in reading an adventurous series, and you want one that all the books are out and available to read, then this is one you may want to add to your book list!

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