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We may love our blogs, and may have spent a lot of time and hours on them.  But if we are looking to grow our blogs, sometimes we actually need to take a look at a our blogs themselves.
How do they look?
Are we using a font that is readable on all devices?
Are we using too much color, not enough?
While, these are all things to consider.  I'm going to give you a few other idea's.

Their are 1,000's of blogs similar to yours.  Yup, it's true.  I know you probably think you are super unique and there is no other blog out there just like yours.
But the fact is, there is.  Every blog topic has already been done.  Every thought, idea or program has already been tried.
You may blog about Pink Elephants or Flying Donkey's, and to you that may seem strange and unique but the truth is, someone else is out there doing it too.

So how do you stand out, how do you create something that looks more unique than the others? Personally, I think this is the part where you keep it real, the real you.  That is the one unique thing that there is no one else exactly like.  YOU!

It's true, even identical twins are different and unique once you speak to them, or look closely at them.  Every single one of us is different and that is the key point to focus on when you create your blog posts and set up your blog.



When I am "friendly blog stalking" one of the things I do, to see if this new blogger I have found is someone I want to follow, I check out their About Me page or section.

You can learn a lot about a person on that page. You can learn if you want to follow them or not.

Sometimes I will read an about page, and I just know I want to read that person's blog.  You shouldn't fake who you are, and you shouldn't want to.  That is what makes you, you.  What will make others want to know you and possibly just the thing that will make them want to follow your blog.

I have to be honest, when I come across a blogger that seems too good to be true.  Too perfect to be real, I know they probably are.  Not everyone has the perfect house, high income, perfect children.  I like real people who have as many faults as they do perfections:) and I'm not alone.  People like to be uplifted that is why they generally read blogs, no one likes to read something and walk away thinking they are never going to be good enough.

Viewers like like real people, real stories, real personality!



This is your page, your time to shine, your time to show the world what you and your blog are all about.  Flaunt it baby, this is you, think of it as your blogs resume!

The page should flow with your theme, it could be a story, or a progression of stories.  It could be facts, it could be really anything.  But the most important part is, this is the one post you should tweak and edit and make shine above all others.
The best part about it, you can edit it as often as needed.  If you are talking about goals that you want to achieve in 2011 and it's now 2015, then I think its time to make some updates!
I personally like to edit mine at least twice a year, if not more.  Things change, life changes, goals change, you change!


I really like it (and do it) when I read an about me page and they tell me what their blog is about. Right off I like to know.  If they like Pink Elephants and only blog about them, I want to know about it first.  Maybe that is my interest, maybe not.  But make yourself and what you blog about stand out.
Capture those potential new blog followers right from the start!  Give them a reason to want to follow you, to want to see what you have to say!


You just captured their attention, and most people only spend 1 minute reading a blog before going to the next page.  If they like you, make it super easy for them to follow you!
Make sure all of your follow options are right near the top, give them easy access to follow the blog they just found and think they'll love before they move onto the next and can't remember how to find you again!


Is their a picture of you?  An actual picture of you?  This should be a picture that relates to you and the type of blog you have.  It should be you!
That doesn't mean you can't have a professional photo on it, you can.  Just make sure it's you and the current you!
If you blog about a great weight loss journey and you've lost 100 pounds and your picture is still from before, show off your accomplishment.  If your a family blogger and you talk about your 5 kids often, but your picture just shows you and your first three babies, it's time to update!


Another great way to improve your blog is to make sure it is visually appealing.  I know you spent countless hours creating your blog and to you, you can't imagine it could look any better.  Maybe you spent days on creating your rainbow colored kangaroo playing drums and it's huge and bold and stands out:)
But one thing we have to remember is, what we may think looks fabulous and awesome may actually detour others from wanting to stay on our page.  If your goal is to grow your blog, then you are going to want to take others into consideration.

With that said, I also think originality and unique is also key.  But you can actually do this, and keep it visually pleasing to others at the same time.

To be completely honest the best thing I have found is to ask others.  If your not open for public comment, ask a friend or co-worker to take a look.  Just tell them to give you a short list of things that they liked and didn't like.  Let them know you are okay with constructive criticism, so they can feel they can be free to be honest.
Ask a few people if possible, and then take their comments to heart.  Maybe you make all the changes, maybe you just make a few.  That will be up to you, but wouldn't you rather know that the rainbow kangaroo your so proud of is making someone want to get off your page as quick as they got on it, before they get embarrassed at work by someone wondering what they are looking at?

Besides the key is to have a blog that others like, and a blog that they might be proud to share a link to your post with others.  They are less likely to do that if the images or appearance makes them uncomfortable!  Especially since most people go online while they are at work:)

Those are just a few things to give you some thought on what you can do to improve your blog, and in time possibly may help you grow your blog even more!  You are more than welcome to visit my About Me page or give me any suggestions you'd like!

You can always find all my blogging tips on my
Grow Your Blog Page

When was the last time you updated your About Me section?  

Have you ever asked anyone for constructive criticism on your blog?  

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