The Decision is made

Hello everyone:)  Did you all have great weeks?
I did, nothing crazy amazing.  But it was really a pretty good week.


Okay, so I have been going back and forth on this for several weeks now.  Last week, about Wednesday night I made the decision.
I had been planning on making my comeback marathon on March 22nd.
But with 2 illness in January, and having to take more day's off than I would have liked it had got me thinking that maybe I wouldn't be ready.
But then the other part of me kept saying, you can do it, you'll still finish... So that left me with a heavy decision to make.

Funny thing is, I started to realized if I didn't run the race, it wasn't going to crush me.
I knew that was my answer.

I had the work injury that took basically 2 years of running marathons out of my life.  Its been a very long healing process and I am excited to get back into them, but...
But I don't want to just finish my marathon, I want to run my marathon.  This is the first one after I had to cancel 19 of them in January of 2013.
I don't want to be trained just enough to finish.  I want to train enough to run it, all of it!
I want to train well, and enjoy the entire race and be able to do my best.  Not necessarily PR talking, just I want to know I trained properly so when I line up at the starting line I will already know that I did all I could and the race is going to be awesome!

So it was an easy decision to , cancel the Oceanside balcony room in Virgina Beach (yeah I still could have used a beach, LOL) and scratch it off my calendar.  I can always do it again next year if I want:)

In the end, I think having to go through the work injury has made me such a smarter runner.  In the past, I am pretty sure I would have just sucked it up and went and ran a race even if the last 8 miles felt miserable because of under training:)  I think now I know, I want more:)


Right after I did it, a couple things happened that made me realize even more I had made the right decision.  One of my biggest weddings cancelled.  (It was supposed to be this Saturday.) They called it off last Thursday.
I usually get a couple of last minute brides or grooms a year who realize they are making a mistake and cancel.  But this one was a shocker and the loss of money....  Well truth is, their wedding was the one I was using to in a way pay for the trip:) that I had already decided not to take.
Next my mom tells me scheduled her surgery for that same weekend.  Obviously, I had made the right choice and in a way I am glad I had made the choice before the rest of the week.


I'm going to keep on training as I have been.  I am still planning to build up to the 18 miler by the end of the month.  Nothing in the training sense has changed.
The only thing that has changed is the race and the race date.
But I haven't exactly picked the "new" race yet.
I have about 6 that I am interested in, in other states.  So over the next week I will decide if the comeback marathon will be in April or May.  I've got to do a little research on the ones I want to do, and see which are sold out, and which I can still get into  That will probably help me narrow it down.


After I made the decision a little weight lifted my shoulders, and I am now really excited to pick a new race, maybe even a less boring course for #40 (yeah I don't like flat courses, LOL) maybe some hills:)
In fact I went for a 10 miler one day last week, and when I got around mile 6-7 I realized things really are getting easier.  The longer I go, the better I am feeling.  In other words, the last illness has really finished leaving my body, YAY!

But I also realized, I still have some extra weight I want to lose, need to lose.  This is something I really need to focus on, this will make running my next marathon so much easier!

I had a slumber party with one a niece and nephew on Valentines.  We had great times and fun movie and dance parties, even if my nephew (he's 1) woke me up at 4am because he just wanted to snuggle and chatter to me, haha...

How did your week go?  Have you ever cancelled a race because you knew you wanted to be better trained for it, to enjoy it more?  

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