Me Monday's a tan, running and weddings

Having been sick the week prior and not getting out of bed much, I knew getting back to running this week I would have to go a little easier.
I am not naive or new to running I knew I shouldn't just pick right up where I left off, but I also didn't expect to have to drop back as much as I did.
I seriously didn't expect my muscles to have lost so much in a week's time.  I have never had that happen before, it was weird.
I went for an easy 5 mile run Monday and it seriously wiped me out, and my knees and quads were oddly far more sore than they should have been:) Took it a bit lighter Tuesday.  By Wednesday and toward the end of the week things started feeling a bit more like they should.  But I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed on how much was lost.

I feel I am now a good two weeks behind where I want to be right now.  I never really put myself on a "running schedule" I don't really like them anyway.
Life happens, and schedules make people feel like they have to stick to it, and if you've been running races for years, you learn you have to allow some leeway for life:)

I run 5-6 days a week, and I know to get the long runs in.
I know how many 18 milers I (should) and like to get in before the two weeks leading into a marathon.  I already knew I was probably only going to get 3 of them.  Which is far less than I prefer. But even if things went perfectly from here on out, I will be lucky to get 2-3 of them in.
Which really has me wondering if I still want to shoot for the March 22nd marathon or not??
I'm just glad I have only booked the refundable hotel:)  No matter what, the decision will be made this week.  I can't wait any longer or it will be within that I'll end up paying an arm and a leg for airfare if another week goes by:)

If things go good, I'll get 13 miles in today and hopefully the rest of the week will get back to normal. I haven't even had a single long run in yet.  So if things feel back to normal as the week goals, I'll shoot for my first long run of 16 miles on Saturday...
If it doesn't happen, on the plus side, I have about 4 back up plan marathons into April that I can start looking into if I decide to change my mind.
Anyhow, I can pretty much guarantee next Monday's post will reveal the plans:)


We have been having this seriously unusual winter here in Utah.  I swear I really only needed my coat 3 times this year.  Not even kidding, and their were only two mornings that were really freeze ya to the bones running.  We've only had light dusting's of snow in the valley, never even enough to make a snowman:(
I think we went from fall, skipped winter and we are now having temps that we usually don't see until late to Mid April spring weather.  Our tulips and other plants are already coming up.
No kidding, yesterday with a high of 68 and today in the lower 60's.  I sat out on the back patio and read a book for a few hours, letting some of that sun that gave me my first tan of the year.
Never can I remember getting to do that the first week of February in Utah.  Crazy!
I am sure we will get a bunch of snow in March or April, I would be shocked if we didn't.  But I can't lie, this weather has been seriously ideal running weather!

The only bummer is, for my birthday I got this super cute warm winter running outfit.  I tried to use it the other day, but I got too hot.  So basically, it will sadly most likely sit in storage until next year:( Because anything more than a t-shirt is too warm right now..  Seriously even early in the morning we have been in the warm 40's...  Crazy!
Of course all this warm weather really just has me wanting to go camping!  If the mountains weren't still full of snow, I would so pack up and go!  I might have to travel south, I really have the camping bug!


The good news is this spring has been pretty good for the wedding business.  This is my really only free week, before 4 weeks straight in a row with lots and lots of weddings.
I booked one of my favorite kind of weddings the other day.  The bride, pretty much picked her package and her colors.  Then told me I can do whatever I want, even with the centerpieces and so on.  I asked lots of questions to get her "taste" but I love it when people are like, just do what you think looks best.  This one is letting me design pretty much everything as I would do it. The reason I love these are, it really brings out my creative juices.  These are the weddings that I come up with new ideas, and new things.  Kinda fun.

Want to know something funny, just about every wedding I have booked this spring the brides are using purples (of course, couldn't do without #1 most popular wedding color) and Peacock Blues, Teals and aqua's.
I don't have a single event over the next month that does't have one of those colors:)  Nothing wrong with them, they are pretty colors.  But it's just funny to have so many all so similar in a row:)


So I finally was able to make it to one of my writers meetings.
I am thinking of writing for the Newspaper again.  Actually Meranda over at Fairytales and Fitness got me thinking about it a couple of weeks ago with a comment she made.  Then a girl in my local writers group Jenelle at Get to the Gist did a great presentation on the benefits for writers to write for news networks and inspired me to go for it.
I'm actually thinking of submitting the book reviews, that I don't put up on my blog...  Might even get started this week if I have time:)  So thanks ladies!

So tell me what's going on in your life?  If your training for a spring race, are you where you want to be training wise?
If your an outdoors gal like me, do you have the camping bug too:)  Or if your back east are you just hoping for a break in snow storms?

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