The 100 by Kass Morgan a Book Review

This is one of those unusual times that what first grabbed my interest to read a book series was a T.V. Show.  I caught a few episodes of The 100 on the CW.  I really enjoyed them, and then I realized there were books out on them.  I thought, why not read the books and find out what happens before I watch it on T.V.

It only took about one chapter into the first book to realize, the books are entirely different than the Television series.  Granted the background and subject matter are the same.  However, although some characters are in both, many of them are very different.  Ones that exist on the television series are not in the books, visa versa for the books.
After I became used to this, and realized that other than a few similarities they are completely different story lines I really started enjoying them!

I hate to write a review and compare it to a television series, but in this instance I can't really help myself.  For the most part, I am going to give my opinion on the first two books in the series.  The 100 and The 100 Day 21 by Kass Morgan.

Generations after generations have lived in space.  No one has been to earth in centuries.  Not since a massive nuclear world war forced humanity to abandon earth and seek refuse on space stations.
The problem is, the space stations are running out of resources and oxygen far faster than they predicted.

In their society to help control and keep others in order, if a crime is committed and the individual is convicted if they are over 18 they are floated into space.  However, if they are a juvenile, they are kept in prison until they are 18 at which time a committee decides if they deserve a second chance, or if they are to be floated into space for their death.
With resources running low, those in charge make a decision.  They decide to send one hundred of the juvenile delinquents, on a secret one way trip to earth.  They place tracking bracelets on them, so they can read their vital signs and determine if earth's radiation has faded enough to become habitable again.

Clarke was arrested for one crime, even though she harbors a second that no one knows about.  She believes she is being sent to earth to die.
Well's, is the Chancellor's son, had himself convicted of a crime just to go with The 100 and convince the girl he loves that he is worth a second chance.
Bellamy, was never convicted of a crime and only fought his way onto the ship to save his sister. Since the colony's rules only allow one child per parent, they are unique and are believed to be the only siblings in the entire universe.  The only problem is, what he did to get on that ship, means he can't ever let the colony's come to earth and find him.
Just as Bellamy fought his way onto the ship. Glass fought her way off and used a distraction as a way to get back onto the ship to find the man she loves.  The only problem is, she realizes staying may have put her in worse danger than leaving.

They each have unique stories and backgrounds.  But they also have incredible roles to play in the survival of civilization.  When they step onto earth seeing tree's, sky and smelling earth, dirt and rain for the first time.  They soon realize earth is habitable, and they aren't going to die.  At least not from radiation.

Both The 100 and The 100 Day 21 are the stories of how a bunch of prisoners have to make a choice to work together or against each other in a fight for survival.  Unknown enemies come into play, and secrets of earths history are revealed unlike anything they could have imagined.

I really enjoyed both books and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, in fact I already have it on hold at the library.
One of the differences between the books and the television series.  The television series besides entirely different story lines for each character it has a lot more action in it.  I found the books to have some action, but nothing quite as graphic as the television series.

I thought they were both seriously fast reads, I read each one of them in pretty much one sitting each. Although they were nothing as I expected overall I really enjoyed them.
Although they are written for a YA audience, I believe adults will enjoy them, even if not more! Because of some of the subject matter (sex) which isn't much.  I personally thing they are better suited for an audience over the age of 16.

If your looking for an interesting science fiction dystopian read, then I recommend The 100 series!  I think the main reason I enjoyed them so much, is because they are a little different than I have been reading and sometimes different is good, really good!

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