Hiking Pipiwai Trail & Waimoku Falls

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A lot of people go to Maui for the beaches.  But for those of us who love to get out and stretch out legs and see more than the waves and sun.  Maui also offers plenty of hiking opportunities.
I'm going to show you the Pipiwai Trail, which is accessed at the end of the road to Hana in the Haleakala National Park.

For most people, you may want to head out very early in the morning on the road to Hana road.  As for anyone who knows, this road really takes an entire day to travel.
The sooner you are on the road, the sooner you can get to the end and to the different hiking destinations.  Since the Pipwai Trailhead starts at the end of the road, it can take several hours to get to.  But on the plus side, you can stop off and hike several others.

A tip, this trail gets more crowded as the day goes on.  So if you head to her first and then travel back down the road to Hana you can do other hikes on your way back.

However, if you are not in a rental car.  Of if your like me, and kind of ignored the no travel on certain road sections in rental cars rule.  You can actually, take the southern route.
I will mention, although I did it in a car, if you are not familiar with off road, and rugged terrain and windy turns, rocks and sheer cliff driving.  You may not want to tackle this route.
Also, should mention it's technically banned for tourists in rental cars, so I'll let you decide which route to take.
I actually took the road to Hana in that morning, and then took the southern rugged route back.  Some spectacular scenery I might add! (I just kept that a little secret from the rental car company, its also the reason I'd never buy a used car that was once a rental car, LOL.)
*Also if you go this route, check the weather first.  You wouldn't want to be caught out there as a tourist in a big rainstorm!  Especially in a car!

If you like a little bit of everything, this short hike has it.  You get to start the hike on the coast against the beautiful cliffs.  Those waters have a pretty good surf, so probably won't see many people out in the water.  Also a little tip, I hear a lot of sharks like to hang out near this area, at least that is what one of the rangers mentioned to me.

If you keep your eyes open along the way to Waimoku Falls you'll also spot other falls, and some other beautiful canyon sights.

However, depending on the season some of the falls may be dried up (or so one guy mentioned.) It had rained earlier the day I was there so maybe that is why I saw all of them.

It's actually quite a diverse trail, you get a little of everything.  Not to mention the opportunity to see some of Hawaii's awesome tree's!  I believe the tree above is a huge Banyon tree!

My favorite part was entering into the bamboo forests.  If you haven't ever been in a bamboo forest, you need to add it to your "to do" list!  The sound of the bamboo clanging together, the wind and air that comes through it.  In some ways it's beautiful, in others its a really creepy type sound.

If your lucky like I was, you'll get to have the trails to yourself, (for parts) a good time to listen to the creepy cool beauty you are surrounded by.
I should mention, bamboo is thick and tall, not a lot of sun gets through it, even in the middle of the day.

The bamboo forest is actually quite large, larger than you'd think.  You can go off the trail a little if you want, but for the most part the only portion really easy to get through is the main trail that has been carved out.

Ya that is me being a dork:)

It's a pretty moderate trail, a little climbing but nothing crazy.  A lot of the trail is very maintained.  The last portion is a little more wet, as you are climbing up towards the cliffs and waterfall.

I'd personally recommend a good shoe, and not a flipflop, which is what I saw a lot of girls wearing.  You could tell their feet were hurting!  Plus, if your in a good shoe you can climb around a little when you get to the falls, and really enjoy the water and views.

There are also a lot of pools, and other water spots along the way.  The Waimoku Falls is a 400 foot waterfall.  Very beautiful!

So yes, if your in the area this is one you wont want to miss.  It's worth the several hours of driving to get to!  Bring your own water with you, and wear a good pair of shoes!
The hike is about 4 miles round trip, takes about 2 hours mostly because you will want to stop along the way to see the other falls and pools and maybe play a little in the eerie bamboo forest its really kind of magical in a way:)

There is so many other things to do on the Road to Hana.  You will have to buy the National Park Pass if you decide to park and do this hike.  At the time I went it was only $10, but it was good for 3 days.

Have you been to Maui before?  Was the Waimoku Falls one of the places you visited?  What is your favorite hike along the road to Hana?  If you haven't been, is this somewhere you'd like to visit one day?

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