Just My Luck

If you've read my blog for a while, you probably have already realized the past couple of years, I seem to be cursed with a little bad luck. Apparently, that hasn't stopped as of yet.

Last Wednesday I went out for a run, the first 4 miles I felt a little tightness in my right foot that extended slightly into my calf, but I have been noticing off and on lately so I stretched it out a little like I have been doing, and then went on.
Haven't ever been able to figure out what causes it, and it always goes away and hasn't bothered me much after I stretch it out or walk or run it out.  In all my years of running, I have never had pain or tightness come on while running so this is a new thing for me.

True to it's mystery, the tightness went away around mile 5 so I decided to continue on and finish with a little over 11 miles that day and it was one of those feel great run days!

I had this dumb idea after the run that maybe I should stretch a little more, because of the early on tightness.  I did so, and then noticed I had to return a work call.
I was standing leaning up against a wall while I talked, and noticed a slight twitch or ping of some kind in my foot while I stood there.  I didn't even think anything of it, but I remember noticing it.

When I got off the call I went to step away, and caught off guard by a huge amount of pain that surged through my foot I literally fell face forward, catching myself on all fours.
Yes, apparently I am the weird person who can get a horrible injury just standing in one place for a min, seriously??

This was so excruciating. Oh my, I was so close to tears.  I gave it a minute before trying to walk again and found I could not put any weight on it at all, otherwise I sharp stabbing pain seared through it and my leg would just give out on me.
So I crawled around.  A while later my dad came, and got me some crutches so I could get around.  I literally, just went straight to my bed and aside from getting up to eat and use the bathroom.
Another thing, I had to be super careful, it hurt to the slightest touch, even my finger brushing up along the pained side of it, caused huge pain and discomfort.

Wednesday I lay with my foot propped up, icing it every 20 minutes and just started praying it would go away in the night and I would wake up healed. (I'm a wishful thinker, it's in my nature I can't help it:)

That didn't happen.  The rest of the story, I have spent now the better part of three days completely off it, and doing the ice, compression and elevation thing.
(I've read a lot of good books, and have gotten seriously bored with nothing on T.V.)
It was starting to bother my now almost healed left foot with the work injury.
I decided to mostly just stay off my feet, I can't risk undoing everything I spend over 2 years to heal, to limp around with a new injury. I'd rather just stay in bed!

I almost cancelled the post I ran Friday on injuries, LOL  I wrote that over a month ago and had it scheduled, but seriously it's timing for me was a little more than ironic!

No idea what caused it. Since it happened a few minutes after I walked away from stretching, that is my guess of what caused it.
I called to get into a Dr., but with specialists around here I was told I would have to wait almost a month to get in.  I won't go into that annoyance!  I made an appointment, that I hope I can cancel!

My original guess was either something tightened up on me, or I strained something.  I think I might be right on my assumption.  Based on how it happened, how it feels and how it seems to be lessening in pain. I am leaning toward something inside the foot tightened up too much...

How is it now? It no longer hurts to the touch, unless I push on the spot.  I can put my full weight on it.  If I lightly stretch it before taking a step, I don't get that searing pain any more and sometimes it can even be virtually no pain.
Since the pain originated in the side arch of my foot, and went just into the inside of the first part of my heel (2 inches in total.) It handles well to walk around on my tip toes, so I have dropped the crutches.  If I wear a good supportive show or a heel, I can even walk fairly normal now.

I'm a bit baffled by it all, but clearly running is going to be out a few more days, possibly even the rest of the week.  I have never had anything like this happen to me before so I am airing on the side of caution.

I may start walking on it, a little more each day, until I am absolutely certain whatever happened to it, has gone away.  Then I will start running on it again.  I know it might be okay to run on it sooner, but I don't want to risk it,  I'm just going to be smart about it!
Funny how I just a week ago cancelled my March marathon, clearly it wasn't meant to be in many more ways than one:)  At this point I am going to see how things go, it seems ridiculous to be picking a new marathon right now when things are slightly uncertain.  On another note, in a way it was a miracle that the wedding I had last weekend called it off last minute too!

So ya, it's just my luck!
I won't lie, when it first happened I was pissed, devastation running through my mind.  But after that initial really bad afternoon of being baffled and angry.  I remembered that it's not the end of the world, no matter what it is.
Attitude is everything, and a good attitude is what got me through the last two years and a good attitude is working now.  I can honestly say, I haven't shed a tear over it, I know it will be all right eventually.

I am curious, if this sounds like anything that has happened to you before.  Or if this sounds like something your familiar with with those of you who are into physical therapy and coaching?  If so I'd love for you to tell me, so I can maybe ask you a question of two.

So yeah, that's my week!
I didn't mean to take up my whole post on it, but I guess I couldn't help myself. Sorry if it was a bore to read!

I did book three more weddings this past week, two of them very large ones.  I realized Saturday that, I am pretty much booked out now until June.  I might accept one more in April but that's it, I am almost fully booked out for the first half of the year! YAY
(For those who live outside of Utah, brides in Utah leave things to the last minute.  While in most states brides call a planner or a decorator six months to a year in advance.  Here they call at times two to three weeks before their date.  On average I get two to three months notice.  I have grown up here, and I still can't figure out why so many leave it to the last minute?)  Crazy huh!
But ya, I need this foot healed quick because I have weddings just about every weekend now, and these feet walk 8-10 miles per wedding carrying lots of heavy equipment!

Last if you're thinking of hosting a Giveaway in March, you should consider joining the 2nd Annual Spring into Fitness Giveaway Hop I am hosting with Just a Mom Who Tri's, you can find the details and sign up HERE.

FYI: I am only going to host 4 of these this year, instead of 7.

Just a quick note, I have changed some of the rules from how I did them last year.  So make sure you read over them and are okay with them before signing up.  I was more lenient the past two years, but going forward I am going to be a little more strict and drop those who aren't following the rules. Just to be fair to everyone who participates.

LAST, what do you think about the new blog look?  I participated in some constructive critiques with a few other bloggers last week, and I like some of their suggestions so I took a few to heart.  I may mess around with the boarder a little.  But I'd love to hear what you think, even if you don't like it! I am not 100% sold on anything yet:)

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