Hush, Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick

Although this review is for all four books in the series, I promise my review will not be a spoiler for any of the books.  So you can feel free to safely read on!

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick was a book recommended to me by a book blogger friend I believe about three years ago. It's been sitting on my "to read" list for far too long.  So when I was looking for a new series to start, and saw that all four books were out and I could just read the entire series start to finish, I thought no better time than now!

Who will enjoy the New York Times Bestselling Hush, Hush series?  Readers who enjoy Young Adult books, that are written with adults in mind, with adult content.  Although it's quite different, I also think readers who enjoyed the Twilight series will enjoy this one.
However, I will air a word of caution as this series does have some content that may be inappropriate at times for younger readers.  Although the relationships and religious biblical references didn't offend me, some readers may find it confusing.

Nora Grey is your average girl, she has a best friend, living the life that most average teenagers live. She plays life safe, she's even what some would call cautious and a bit of a nerd.  She's never really had interest in the boys at her school, even the ones that have expressed interest in her.  Life is pretty normal for her, in her small farmhouse home with her mother who works lots of hours to support them.  That is until Patch arrives.

Patch is a fallen angel, who is involved in an ancient battle between the immortal who fell and the Nephilim that were created on earth because of them.  Although most don't know him as that.  Most know him as a good looking guy with a great smile.  But also dark, unsettling cocky guy who just the thought of being around him sends alerts of danger running through your body.
Which makes it even more odd when he shows up in school, and seems to have an expressed interest in Nora Grey.

Nora isn't having any part of Patch.  She senses something isn't right about him, and initially trusts her instincts and pushing him away with every chance she can.
But Patch is persistent and sometimes persistence can win out, this is something Patch knows how to do well.  He also knows Nora's type, and the overly good dependable type are sometimes the easiest to break.

Ever since Nora met Patch, she's had many encounters that are terrifying.  Sometimes she knows she's being followed, other times she feels it.  She is attacked by an unknown attacker.
Everywhere she goes, Patch somehow shows up. His handsome smile just becomes creepier and creepier as Nora suspects Patch is behind the threats.

The problem with Nora is, nothing is what it seems.  She may end up dead or have her entire life destroyed.  That or she may be just the kind of girl needed to break down the heart of one of the fallen's baddest boys.  Possibly a little of both, only time will tell.

Hush, Hush is the first book in this series.  Followed by Crescendo, Silence and then Finale.  One thing Becca Fizpatrick does in her writing is keeps things moving along well, even through out most of the four books.  Lots of twists and turns to keep your interest peaked, not to mention some great cliffhangers.

This was a different series than most I have read.  I know a lot of readers either enjoyed it, or completely hated it.  I personally enjoy getting swept away into a series and I like writers who are okay with crossing a few lines.  I won't go as far to say this is a favorite on my list, however it did provide me with an enjoyable set of reads that kept my interest throughout.
So if you enjoy different, but yet enjoy books with the same feel as Twilight had, I think you will like picking this series up.  The best news is, all four books are out and available!

I was NOT asked to review this book.  I read these books on my own, and I am sharing my review because it is my opinion and I feel it is a series others may also enjoy.

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