Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson a Book Review

Thanks to Bethany House, I was able to have the opportunity to review Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson.  They did provide me with a complimentary copy, but all thoughts and opinions below are my own.

I've read several Tracie Peterson books before, I've always enjoyed her writing style and that the stories take me back in time, to a simpler way of life.
When I read the books synopsis I was extremely intrigued it looked like a great fun read.  As I began reading, I found it very interesting that it was much different than I thought as well as quite a bit more so compared to the back of the book description!

The premise is the elegant and high society Lenore Fulcher,  who happens to be a strong minded girl.  In 1888 in Seattle, women with too many opinions are not exactly favorable or welcomed.  However, Lenore is quite strong minded and clever, she believes marriage should be about love, not an arrangement as her father has been considering for her.  She is set out and quite determined to get her way.

Kolbein Booth arrives in Seattle with one thought on his mind, find his sister who ran away.  Looking for someone who didn't plan to be found, in a large city is proving to be harder than he thought. Though he came to search, the last thing he thought he would find was the woman of his dreams.  As well as several new friends and a hotheaded redhead who would turn out to be his best chance at finding what he is looking for.

When I started the book, I really thought the story would be all about Lenore and Kolbein, but it really wasn't.  They were a part of it, but in my opinion a fun character Abrianna stole the show. Abrianna is Lenore's closest friend, they may live in two opposite sides of the society spectrum.  But they couldn't be more suited to be the perfect friends.

Abrianna lives with her aunts who own and run Madison Bridal School.  A school for women who are looking to become wedded, they come and learn new talents and skills.  The problem with living in a bridal school, Abrianna has absolutely no desire to learn the talents or become a bride for that matter.  She is fun caring and just about free spirited as they come.  God fearing and set out on a goal to help anyone in need, she is a forced to be reckoned with.
Truthfully, she was my favorite character of all, and I loved that most of the book was about her.  Abrianna's personality will make you just sit back and smile as you read.  If I hadn't read the synopsis I would have assumed based on the story the book was about her and her adventures.

Steadfast Heart is filled with of course hero's and heroines as well as a bad guy in disguise.  As well as some early American history.  It's fun, witty and quite a fast read.  If you enjoy Tracie Peterson books this is another that will not disappoint.
I look forward to the next book in the Brides of Seattle series, because I suspect it will be more of the fun character Abrianna that I grew to love in this one!

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