Eating from the garden, Mountains & Aquariums equals lots of good times

That picture to your left, is some of my lettuce crop that has come in, and pretty much means I have enough to eat lettuce every meal for pretty much the entire summer if I want to:)  I always grow too much and I'll be honest a lot goes to waste.  But this year I have three kinds of lettuce, the others need a few more weeks before they'll be good to harvest.

I always let my last crop of lettuce come to a flower, and then let the seeds dry out on the plant in the fall, and before I pull them all out, I shake off all of the seeds into the dirt so they come up first thing in the spring.  In other words, I am a lazy planter in this area, and this way I never have to really plant or buy seeds:)  Then again, it doesn't grow in nice neat rows either, but oh well it tastes good!

This week was full of fun, since I didn't have a wedding I got out and did a little hiking, and exploration. My "new" foot injury has been starting to heal, which allowed me to get out a little this past week, which was really nice!

Monday, I went with with my mom and we picked up two nephews and a niece and went up for a Memorial Day picnic and a little hiking and exploration.
We had a picnic in the lower elevations around 7,000 feet and the snow was all melted there, YAY.  Leaves are just starting on the tree's, it was beautiful.

They had actually just finished plowing the roads a few days before we got there, so we were able to see how deep the snow still was up around 10,000+ feet.  It was a little cool up there, but even in our t-shirts and bare hands, of course we had a little fun with snowballs.

The spring melt off is in full swing, so the rivers and streams were crazy full and over flowing, and muddy.  I took a few pics of our sights that day.

I love the picture above for a couple of reasons, one it's pretty.  But also because see that slight melt of water to the right?  Well that means, in about a month the snow up here will be melted and I can start going camping up in this area:)  I'm huge into camping if you didn't know, and I enjoy camping up in the higher 10,000 ft. elevations in the summer.  The air is so fresh and it's a bit cooler than down in the valleys!  I'm already dreaming about it if you didn't know:)  Until then, I'll just camp at the lower elevations!

Because I was finally able to get out this week and do a little walking.  I was also able to try and participate in Fairytales and Fitness Summer Run Scavenger Hunt.  I had hoped to luck out and find all 20 items, but I wasn't able to.  However, I had a lot of fun looking for the different ones that I did find.  I think I was able to get 9 of them before I realized the time was up.  I was dumb and forgot to add one of the easy ones, a selfie:)  Oh well, I had a lot of fun walking around new places to find them, so I'd like to thank them for hosting this great idea:)
I tried to find a dead animal, you should have seen the look on my 5 year old nieces face when I told her we needed to go look for a dead animal:)  haha  We saw a few while driving, but not when we were out walking so I couldn't count those:)

Because running can help you shrink down, right:)

When I was a little girl, the sign was smaller but every time we drove past this sign, I would seriously look all over the mountain meadow here in case I could spot a nudist, LOL  It really isn't a nudist ranch, but the owners have a great sense of humor, and it makes for fun conversation as you drive past it:)

I had 1 niece and 2 nephews over for 3 days this weekend, so we had a lot of fun going to the movies, and he aquarium and lets just say by the time their mom and dad came I was exhausted:)
But I enjoy spending time with them, they are so much fun.

My week was a lot of fun, and oddly even as busy as it was I finished 3 books:)  All I can say to that is, I am a fast reader:)

So What's In Store for This week?

*  Well I have a wedding, so a bit of wedding prep before the weekend.
*  I am hoping to get more walking in each day, the foot seems to finally be healing, possibly I could be running in another week.  But I want to go at least a week without any pain before I try that.
*  I'd like to get at least 2 books read this week:)
*  I'm also hoping to get up into the mountains at least one day if not two this week for some hiking and I think its finally time to break out the fishing pole:)
*  I'll be keeping my eyes open for another part-time job that I can do in-between weddings:)

What are your plans for this week?

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