Bloominous DIY Flower Projects

I was contacted by Bloominous to review their DIY flower projects.  When I first looked at their site it only too me a minute to realize this is a product I would actually use.  Being a wedding decorator, I am constantly putting together arrangements and centerpieces and I am always looking for deals!

When you are working with real flower, especially if you haven't done projects before, things don't always turn out like you'd like.  Which is why I decided this would be a good fit for my Wedding Wednesday audience as well as anyone who may have an upcoming wedding, party or other event that you'd like to try putting them together yourself.

First let me tell you what Bloominous is.  They provide Do it Yourself flower kits, they have a 100% guarantee on the freshness and quality. They carefully cut flowers per each order, and they package them to ship them to you in a way you won't have to worry about receiving damaged flowers.

Their kits, include everything you'll need to make the arrangement.  Their floral artists have worked hard on putting these kits together making sure they cross the t's and dot the i's for you.  So when you receive your kit you can unwrap the package and immediately begin your arrangements.

They also have several tutorials to help you with the process.  
Just like the one below.

A few things to consider if you have a DIY floral project 
why you should consider Bloominous.

* You can save anywhere between 30-50% off what you would pay if you went to a floral shop and placed an order.

* Each kit comes with step by step instructions, most projects you can do in as little at 10-20 minutes.

* You'll be getting professional quality and design.

* Everything you need is shipped directly to your door.  Unpack and ready to go.

You really can't beat a short Do it Yourself project that can save you ton's over visiting a florist.

I have so many brides that come to me with questions on how they can save money, where they can cut costs and still have the day they dream.
I have companies that come to me with smaller budgets but still want beautiful events for their employee's.  Not to mention, baby showers, family parties.  Bloominous one of the companies I am adding to my list when I send recommendations to those who ask.

If you'd like to check out more pictures, visit them on their PINTEREST page.
Or like them on FACEBOOK to keep up to date with their products and deals.  They are also on both INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

Want to learn more? Or check out their collections.
Visit BLOOMINOUS here.

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