Lots of Work and a Dietbet Game

I wasn't able to get back to running last week.  A few things led to another few things and lets just say in the "pain" area, I wasn't feeling going out running/walking was going to help much.  So I just kept off it.  Over the weekend, the pains started feeling quite a bit more normal again, so I am hoping that I'll be able to gradually get back into it all this week.


I finished the Grow Your Blog Hop, and I have to say I really enjoyed hosting it.  We had a lot of great blogs participating.  I asked them to fill out an anonymous survey so I could get their true opinions and suggestions.  Some were brutally honest, which was good I wanted to hear the good and the bad reviews on it.
Overall, seems like most enjoyed it and those who participated fully ended up having the best results.
Many have asked me to do this again.
It was so much work I can't tell you how many nights I was up late keeping caught up, I figured I couldn't very well ask others to do it, if I wasn't:)
I am just so thankful, I had blogged ahead, and wrote all but my Monday posts over a month before it all started.  I don't think I would have had the time to write posts and maintain everything else.
So, will I do another again?
Yes, but I am in the process of looking over the last one, the suggestions and I am going to re-work a few idea's.  Before announcing when it will be.

For March, I'll be running the Spring Into Fitness Giveaway Hop, I am excited for it.  I haven't run a giveaway in several months.  If you'd like to join, you can visit the Giveaway Tab up on the top and look over the rules and see if its the right fit for you.

Join a Dietbet Game

Katie over at From Ice Cream to Marathon and I are hosting Katie & Kristy's Dietbet.  If you are looking to lose a few pounds, this a a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight, as well as the opportunity to earn a little cash on the side.  The Dietbet buy in is $20.  How it works is everyone who participates but their bet in.  Everyone who loses 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks, splits the pot at the end.
We hope that you'll consider joining us!  You can learn more and join us HERE.


This is so guests in groups can stand
behind this backdrop and take fun
Photo's in the different frames.
I am getting into the crazy part of wedding and event season.  I have events pretty much every week which is exciting.  But also a lot of work.  I have a great crew who work for me, thankfully I can count on them even if I am babying an injury flare up right now.

Last weekend was actually a baby shower.  Different cultures celebrate this quite differently.  In fact in the Indian culture they celebrate their first born and decorate and have a ceremony that is pretty elaborate.  So much so at times, I'd say they even over shine most weddings.
I will be honest, usually when I do this my tables are more
fun cute props.  But the client brought in a bunch of signs
So I had to include them with mine into the bunch.

This last weekend one part of the event, was my photo frame prop area.  I am not sure if I have ever shown this to you all, so I thought I'd show a little preview of what it looks like before use.  Basically it's lots of frames and props so people visiting your event can have a lot of fun with picture taking, and then the event party can have a fun photo book of all their guests who attended.

I have two weddings on the same day later this week, I have my work cut out for me.  So here is to a great week for me, and all of you!!!

So tell me some of your plans this week?  

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