Going to the Sun, Glacier National Park

This week for Travel Tuesday I want to take you on an adventure that you can see all from the windows of your car.  However, I highly recommend getting out and taking a few hikes along the way.

This is the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

What is the Going to the Sun Road?  It's 50 miles of pure beauty!  A winding mountain road, that climbs, and climbs and allows you different views from each turn and every mile.

One thing that a lot of people expect when they visit Glacier National Park is to see lots of Glaciers. While many years ago, this was true. Now you can really only see them from a distance, or you need to hike in to get to them.
I highly recommend getting to Glacier National Park as soon as you can, because they predict that all the glaciers within the park may actually be completely melted by 2030.

This park is actually open year round.  However, depending on what time of year you visit you may or may not have access to certain areas.
You an always check their website if you'd like to check out driving and weather conditions.

Why visit Glacier, besides to catch a glimpse at actual glaciers?  Well, if your a hiker, it's a hiking paradise, they have hundreds of miles of trails, I believe close to 700 miles of trails.  Everything from easy afternoon hikes, to long all day, or backpacker hike in for a few days hikes.

If you're lucky you may even catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife.  I saw this Grizzly bear one day there.  Not the best picture, as I didn't have my camera ready when I saw him, and he was on the run to get away from us.
But there are lots of bear sightings, if you are lucky and keep your eyes open.  I saw bear almost every day there, both black and grizzlies.

Or maybe you'll even catch a glimpse of some mountain goats.  These beauty's were just sitting on the mountain within feet of the vehicles passing them, catching some rays and probably doing a little people watching!

Or take a morning or evening and go fishing.  This is me and my dad doing a little fly fishing one evening in the main river.
I have told you before I wear a lot of pink.  Yes, if you can tell in the picture, I do own a cute pink fishing (girl) vest with matching hat:)

They also have lots of beautiful lakes.  Certain parts of the rivers, have that beautiful milky like glacial melting look to them.  From the milky gray's to the milky turquoise blues.

Also lots and lots of beautiful waterfalls.  Some are easy to see, others require some binoculars or a hike in to get closer.  Some like the one below, flow right down and under the road.

A few places of interest along with the road, that I recommend.  Visiting the Lake MacDonald Area and spend some time playing around there.  St. Mary Valley, also stunning and beautiful, lots of hiking up and around this area I found.
The Two Medicine Area, not a lot of people take the time to travel up to this area.  But I will tell you, it is more than worth it, there is so many trails and waterfalls and lakes up in this area.

There are a lot of pullouts along the way, that you can get out and take snapshots of other stunning views, and view the river and decent below.


* If its your first time, I recommend stopping at one of the visitor stations first, get some information and maps to help you get the most out of your visit.

* This is a national park, they do charge an entrance fee.  But your entrance fee's pays for unlimited trips in and out of the park for 7 days.

*  There are lots of campgrounds and lodging in the area.  I actually stayed in a nearby town up at a lodge at a ski resort when I visited.  I highly recommend making reservations before you come.

* Have a passport?  Cross the Canadian boarder and visit Waterton Lakes National Park (in some ways it's connected to Glacier National Park.) Check out the famous Prince of Wales Hotel.  (Hint) Some of the best views of it are from the middle of the lake:)

Have you been to Glacier National Park before?  If so, were you able to drive the entire road, did you do some hiking?  If you haven't been, is Glacier a place you hope to visit?

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