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Occasionally I see what I think may be an awesome product and I want to try it out on my own. Which is why, when I saw the Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel, I had to ask to review it.  I should note, I applied for this review, although I was provided with the product I am not being paid to review.

Last summer a friend told me about an instant cooling towel she had, and I remember thinking if it really works, something like that would be awesome.
She told me she loved it and it worked.  I believed her, but in my mind I always wondered how a towel actually does keep cool, all the time???  So ya, I was a bit skeptical, but I have been intrigued ever since!

After trying this towel out, I can honestly say from the minute you crack it open in the case, shake it out to use it for the first time, it really does stay cool!

I'm not talking anything like freezing cold.  But a definite cooling feeling, the product says about 30 degree's cooler than your skin temperature. While I didn't have a way to test that, all I can say is yes that does sound about right from what you get.

When you've finished a workout, or while working out, it actually feels even cooler.  I assume that is because your body heat is so much higher. But really, it is cool, stays cool and really does feel cool when using it.  I know, pretty cool huh!  (I think I just said "cool" too much:)

So why would someone want to use this?
During a workout, imagine being on a machine or treadmill and your hot and sweaty.  Just wiping off the sweat with your Forever Cool towel not only clears the sweat, but gives you an immediate cooler feeling on your skin.
As a runner I love it!  I would imagine anyone into aerobic sports, to yoga would enjoy a cooling towel like this while working out.
I plan on taking this out hiking with me in the summer, I can't think of anything better than having a cool towel wrapped around my neck on a hot day!

It lasts hours at a time.  If you take it out, and you're using it for hours, it will feel about 30 degree's cooler to your body temperature for a good 4 hours.  I never actually used it for this long, but I have used it off and on for a little over an hour and it felt cool each and every time I picked it up.

Highly sweat absorbent - Anti bacterial treated to reduce odor - Machine Washable

So you've used your towel for 4 hours.  All you have to do is wash it up, and its ready to go again next time.  It will just keep on working.  If you ever feel the coolness wearing off, you just wet it down and the technology built into it starts working again.

Features I liked or noticed

* Its not like a cotton towel, it has a slightly rubbery(ish) feel to it, but it's still soft.
* Easy to fold up, store in a gym bag.  Or it also comes with a tube case for storage
* It's pretty durable, I can see based on the material this is going to last a long time.
* Definitely cools you off, it does what it says it will.
* I liked it, used it and have plans to use it especially in the summer months as the temps warm up.

They are actually pretty inexpensive to purchase.  I found them on Amazon for only $9.95... Not bad! If you'd like to check out the product on Amazon, visit their page HERE.

Additionally on the charitable side, 10% of the profits made from the purchase go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Have you ever tried a ForeverCool towel before?  
Does this sound like something you would use?

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