The Soup Club Cookbook

I asked to review The Soup Club Cookbook through Blogging for Books, I was given a complimentary copy for my review.  But as always all thoughts and opinions below are my own.

The Soup Club

The reason I wanted to review this cookbook is because I love soup!  Usually they are easy to make, and at the right time they can just totally hit the spot!
Soup Recipe'sThe great thing about soup's is you can eat really healthy and not necessarily sacrifice on taste as you occasionally have to do on other things.

While it's true this book gives you idea's on how you can create your own Soup Club locally and take turns making soups for each other once a week.  For myself, this wasn't the reason I wanted the book.  I wanted to see the recipe's!  But if you have a family, and local friends who also have families.  This soup club idea is seriously something to consider!

So many different soup ideas, and so many ways to use fresh produce or items from your garden in these soups.  Not to mention, making large batches in advance to store and eat later on.  Some of my favorites were Chestnut Soup, Winter Minestrone.

Additionally there are chilled soups, like Cucumber-Yogurt Soup YUM!  Or Avocado-Arugula Soup and Watermelon Gazpacho:)

Plus, what better things to go with soup but salad.  They give you several recipe's to make your own Vinaigrette's and Dressings!  I actually haven't tried any of these yet, but I am looking forward to making up some of my own salad dressings this summer and bottle them!

For those who know me, you know I love to garden and I always can pickles.  This book even had a new canning recipe that I can't wait to try as soon as I plant and grow my cucumbers this year!

You know how you go to a restaurant and order soup.  With it usually comes some yummy breads.  This book also has some great breads, corn breads and shortbread recipe's that are sure to add
to the soup for a side or even for dipping!

There is actually so much more to this book, I literally only have scratched the surface.  I haven't even had time to make a dent in them when making them on my own.

The great things about this book are the beautiful pictures, I love knowing what things are going to look like before I set out to make them.
The instructions are detailed and really easy to follow.  Additionally, you will find explanation for a few of the things that may pose questions in your mind.
Overall, I really like this book and I am thrilled to have it added to my cookbook collection!

These are the lovely ladies behind this great book.
Courtney Allison - Tina Carr - Caroline Laskow - Julie Peacock


You can learn more about the authors HERE. As well as PURCHASE information.

So tell me, do you search for great cookbooks?  Do you love soups?

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