Queen of Procrastination, That's Me

On a quick note, I was able to gradually get back into running towards the end of last week.  After two weeks of taking care of whatever happened, (still not even sure what did.) I seem to have no lingering signs of pain or injury.

At this point I am officially NOT going to mention my exact marathon plans on the blog, until after.  It seems like anytime I do, I apparently jinx myself:) So from this point forward, I may just call it "the upcoming marathon" the when and where will just remain unmentioned:) to break whatever curse I have when I do bring it up:)

I am however, (like a broken record) really going to push myself to get healthier.
I have set up a few things that should hopefully keep me accountable.  A Dietbet game with Katie @ From Ice Cream to Marathon.  Of which, even though it started yesterday, you can still join HERE today if you'd like.  We'd love to have you!!!

Additionally, I told the sisters we need to get back to the Fitbit competitions that I used to call crazy fun.  They push me so much when we are all fighting to not let the other win each day.


Last week was super crazy.  If you haven't figured out by reading my blog, I like to keep busy.  I will throw a dozen things on my plate and if I think that is not enough I will throw a few more.  I sort of thrive off having a million things to fit in and get done.
With that said, I am also the Queen of Procrastination. I know that sounds like an odd combination "likes to be busy, and still procrastinate", but I am what I am.

Ya, not even kidding!
The good thing is, none of my bride's I work with know about my blog:)  So I can say this freely.  I am horrible at times leaving details and all my projects for their wedding to the last minute.  I absolutely refuse to not come through and go beyond their expectations.  But for some reason, it never seems to bother me occasionally to let things wait until I barely have enough time to get them done.

The backdrop for wedding #2
This is one of my most popular backdrops.  This time we used peacock blue satin swags.

You probably think I am kidding, but let me show you how much I am not kidding on the procrastination subject:)

* I had 2 wedding decorations booked for Saturday.
Note: I have 11 crew members I use as needed to set up weddings, 5 of them are family members.
* Monday I realized I had forgotten I signed up to cover others at my library job, 20 hours of work.
* Because of our first "real" snowstorm of the year and the extra work I signed up for, I was pushed back until Thursday to pack the trailer for the weddings.
* I only had half the linens ready that I needed for the weekend by Thursday night.
* I arranged to set up wedding #1 later Friday afternoon.
* Friday morning I realize I didn't have enough of the flowers I needed, so quick trip to the floral store to buy more.  Luckily they had what I needed last minute. Finished flowers, 20 minutes before I drove to the wedding location.
* Friday late morning I find out all my crew I had hired for both weddings were sick.
* I don't want to get sick, so I cancel ALL their help for Friday, and decide to take a crazy approach.
* Call in a favor to mom and dad.
* Mom helps me do half the floral arrangements, and dad comes to help me set up wedding #1.
* Dad and I set up wedding #1 in record timing, covered in sweat, but we pulled it off.
* Three of my cute nieces and nephews come over and stay play until 10:20pm Friday....  Still haven't started on the other half of linens needed.
* 10:30pm I start on the other half of the linens.
* I finish the linens and finally crawl into bed 2am Saturday morning.

Wedding #1 Backdrop - Outdoorsy theme
I actually took this pic after the event while we took it down,
so that is why things look out of place, moved around.  Because we started taking it down
before I said, wait let me grab a pic for the blog first, LOL
I still cringe that I didn't straighten it back up first for the photo, but it was late and I was tired:)
* I agree to let one sister in pain passing large kidney stones and the flu wear a mask to help Saturday (she wouldn't take no for an answer when I told her not to, because she knew I needed her help.) Another Sis coming with her 3 sick kids (who were incredibly so well behaved the entire time and stayed away from everyone not to pass their colds along), As well as again my amazing parents.

Rustic outdoorsy theme wedding.
The brides colors, Cream, Ivory and Browns.
* 5am I wake up finish packing, skip breakfast to drive an hour to get to the wedding location.
* 6am I realize the address to the wedding location was incorrectly given to me and GPS can't find it either.
* Miraculously I find the church by accident, not all crew coming were as successful.
* 2 hours into set up.  I realize in my tiredness of prepping in the early morning hours, I miscounted two short on how many satin swags I needed for the backdrop.  Thankfully, I packed extra satin and a steamer!
* We worked our butts off, and again pulled a 5 hours set up, into a record 4 hour set up time.
* I took them all to lunch to thank them!
* With a few more hours than normal that afternoon to relax, I even spent an hour catching up on blogging.
* 9pm we dropped wedding #1 in again a sweaty record 40 minutes (usually takes us an hour and a half.)  I was literally running between carrying things back and forth from the church to the trailer.
* Arrive at wedding #2 earlier than predicted 11pm and had it dropped in about 20 minutes.
* Crashed in my bed a little after midnight.
* Didn't wake up until well after noon on Sunday:)  Probably could have slept all day!

I should note, I am not proud of being a procrastinator:)

I had the photo's taken before the centerpieces were put on the tables, and
before the cake arrived (middle table.)
Bride's colors were Peacock Blue, Silver and White.
As crazy as it sounds, even leaving way too many things to the last minute and then having to deal with crew cancellations and sickness.  We pulled it all off, and I am still shocked on how fast we did it all, and how few mini disasters we came across.
Seriously, I think my sisters even work faster when the are in pain and not feeling well, LOL.
I couldn't have done it without Them.  Seriously, they are awesome and having my own business they have saved me far more times than I can even count through the years!  They did it again this weekend, isn't family great!
I should include more finished pictures than I did above, but I took them on my other camera and I haven't had the time to look at that camera card yet:)

Now I get to finish getting everything cleaned up, and then un-pack and then re-pack for this week's wedding.  The key being, less procrastination, if that is possible!
If you're wondering why I don't hire people do do all this, well the truth is I could and occasionally I do.  But this is my company, my baby, and oddly I actually have learned to enjoy 8-14 hours of linen prepping and steaming, aka, my only time to catch up on T.V. shows.  I also enjoy the packing and re-packing the trailer, again I pop in some tunes and it's a serious workout, that I have come to enjoy. However, if the item(s) needed are over 100 pounds, I will bring help, because I'm not with superwoman strength ha ha!

Just a few day's to link up with us for the next Giveaway Hop that starts on the 16th.
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So are you a procrastinator?  Or do you make sure you're always ahead of schedule?  Does your family help you out when you get into a bind too?  Isn't great family awesome!
Tell me something fun or crazy about your past week.

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