Great Week, Crazy Week...

Last week started out great and wonderful.  I even treated myself to Insurgent. Then took my niece and nephew to see McFarland USA, which might I add is an absolutely wonderful movie so inspirational! I highly recommend it to anyone, but runners especially those who ran cross country will really appreciate it!

I will admit last week I didn't do as much running as I should have.  I don't know what my problem was, I was just being lazy if I am going to be honest.  I hope to turn that around this week.


Thursday I was on my way to work and my car started to go crazy, then my brakes went out.  So I veered it to the right and grabbed the emergency brake to stop it all the way.
Thankfully, it couldn't of happened in a better spot.  I also have an awesome dad who came right after I called him on the phone, then took me to work and then took care of getting my car home for me.

For those who have followed my blog for a while you may already know my car issues last fall. Well I finally realized I have been really lucky, and possibly this was the vehicle saying, my time is up.  So I told it thanks for only breaking down at spots and in ways where I have been lucky to get help, and then I said goodbye!


The next day I went to look at cars, and thanks to having a brother-in-law who works at a dealership he was able to get me an excellent deal.
Which is good because I hate car payments, I bought my last new car in 2000 and I haven't had a car payment in well over 13 years....
So I walked away with this cute little red beauty, fully loaded and all the upgrades possible:)  It's already been named.  I call it PEPPER:)
It was actually a woman I work with at one of my jobs who came up with the name, but it's cute and I like it so it's stuck!

Funny thing, after I bought my first car in college and then when it died a tragic death from a guy who couldn't drink coffee and drive.  Then after another accident in my friends car shortly after, I swore I would never drive or buy a car ever again.  I was terrified of them.  Which is why I stuck with trucks and SUV's... However, I should really learn to never say never...

So now that I have a dependable car again, I am thinking a trip is definitely in order.  No idea when or where.  I am not going to plan anything.  But knowing myself, if I am in the mood I will probably just leave town with less than a moments notice.  I am thinking it will probably happen sooner than later!


I was also asked this week if I would accept a calling to work with the young women in my church.  I decided to do the christian thing and accept.  Not that I will probably be any good, I don't even know if they'll like me.  But I said I would give it a try.  The woman who asked for my help, said some very kind things about why she chose me, and she really believes my free spirit, I can do anything I put my mind to attitude will be great for these girls who are Juniors and Seniors in high school.
I don't know if she will be right, but it will be a challenge and I guess I am always up for a challenge!


So ya, fun stuff and crazy stuff.  I think I have officially been to the movies more times this month than I went all last year. haha..  I have a sporty cute new car and I am reminded at how much I absolutely love the "New Car Smell".  If I can get my butt back in gear this week with running, I think things might just start going great again!

What happened with your week?  

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