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I have been a Diet-to-Go Brand Ambassador for a couple of years now.  For those who read my blog, you've probably seen my posts from time to time.  I was excited this year to join their Ambassador program again.  The truth is, I really do enjoy their meals, they are a great company who takes a lot of pride in their meal service, meal taste, quality and everything from the preparation process, shipping and arrival to your door.

If you're not familiar with Diet-to-Go, let me tell you a little about them.  They have 3 menu options to choose from, to basically fit any type of meal preference.

* Traditional Menu, for those who have weight loss goals, but still want your meat and carbs.
* Vegetarian Menu, for those who, enjoy a meat free diet.
* Low Fat Menu, for those looking for less fat, but lots of taste and a filling meal.

Each one of these menu's had dozens of meal options to choose from.  I have eaten meals on the Traditional Menu Plan many times over the past few years, and rarely get the same item.  Their menu is vast and full of delicious options.


That's right, they do the calorie counting work for you, so you can fill up on everything they send and know that your within your daily calorie intake goals.
You choose between a 1,200 or 1,600 calorie a day meal plan depending on your diet needs.
They ship you Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner meals for each day.  The meals arrive directly to your door. In a cooler with the meals packed to be cool and frozen.  You place them in your fridge until your ready to eat, most meals cook up easily in just a few minutes.
They have both microwavable and conventional oven bake options.


You pick, 5 meals a week or 7 meals a week.  That is to help for those who still enjoy eating out and don't want more meals than they can eat.
You can also pick 2 meals a day, or 3 meals a day.  This option works for those who may take their breakfast at work, or enjoy grabbing their own early morning meal and snack.


The best part is the pricing, it is well within reason.  Figure how much you already spend on a meal or what does your weekly grocery bill come to?
I have done the math on their meals.  I estimate it comes to roughly $7.50 a meal and that is at full price.
Which if you eat out, even if healthy.  If you're having someone else prepare a gourmet meal for you, I doubt you will be able to find prices that beat theirs.

Even better, you are all welcome to use my discount code if you'd like to try it out yourself.  This code will take 25% OFF the regular price.  DTGA116
Which means that quote I gave you above, is going to cost you much less to give them a try!


I am not one of those people who can eat anything I want and never gain a pound.  I am pretty much the opposite.  I also struggle with creating my own healthy meals, especially when cooking for one.
What better way than having someone else prepare a meal and have it shipped to my door.  Not only that, I don't have to worry about portion control or calorie counting, they've already done it for me.

Additionally, like I mentioned above I enjoy their meals.  I have found very few that I haven't liked. My favorites are their grain breads.  I absolutely love them and could almost eat one of their breads or rolls for lunch every day!

The portions are huge and filling!  I remember the first time I tried their meals a few years ago.  I was skeptical and figured they would be these tiny portions and I would be hungry after eating.  I couldn't have been more wrong, and even the meals I ate a few weeks ago prove they are still pretty large.  I'll be honest, many times I can't even finish the meal, so I will set the rest aside to eat as a snack later on.  I love that fact, and I love that I can always feel full, and know that if I am hungry I can eat all of it, and still be in control of my daily calorie intake.

Last, you can even go in and select which types of foods you enjoy.  Don't care for fish like me, don't worry they won't send it.  Have allergies, no problem just let them know.
In fact you can be a pretty picky eater, and still find a vast selection on their menu board.  Trust me I know this, I am one of the worlds pickiest!

If you're wondering if I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every single meal I have tried.  I will be honest, not every single entree has been a hit to my taste buds.  But for the most part, I'd say about 90% of what I receive when I eat their meals, are ones that I do enjoy.  Like I mentioned, I am a picky eater, so there is a good chance the problem is more me.  But in their defense, I have picked items up at the grocery store and found a lot of hit and misses too.
The great thing about their program is when you order as you have likes and dislikes you can make selections to fit your needs and choose the items that your taste buds will enjoy!


You don't even have to be on a diet to have Diet-to-Go fit your lifestyle.  So many of us just want to eat healthy.  Let the experts at Diet-to-Go worry about the vitamins and nutrients.  Let them figure out how to make veggies and healthy foods taste good.  Save yourself a little cooking and give them a try.
I think their 5 day meal plan would fit most perfectly.  That way, on day's you're not at work and have more time to cook on the weekends, you can prepare your own.  But on work days, where you get home and don't want to hassle with meal preparation, you can just grab one of theirs out of the fridge, cook to be ready in 2-10 minutes.

I promise, I wouldn't continue to promote this company and their meal selections if I didn't enjoy them myself!  So if they sound like something you're interested in trying, why not give them a try and see for yourself.

I mentioned above I can give you a 25% off your order.  Use this at checkout: DTGA116.

Want to learn more about their company and their meals? Visit their website HERE.

Disclaimer: I am a Diet-to-Go Ambassador, I was provided complementary meals for my review, however, I am not compensated for the review itself, and I was not asked to write a positive review. As always with my reviews, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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