How to Care for Your Running Clothes


*  Don't wash your clothes after each and every run.  I know to some this will sound gross.  But if you have a great expensive pair of running shirts/shorts.  Washing them daily or often will break down the fibers in them, stretch them out, loose their form and thin them out.
Instead, try to go a few runs/days between washes.  Don't worry you'll only smell it until you step outside:)  Also, washing them in cold water will also help keep them lasting longer.

*  If you buy expensive quality clothing for races, other than testing them out a few times in training runs.  Save them for your races, that way they will last much longer!

* Don't put your clothes in the dryer.  Especially those expensive technical fabrics.  Just lay them flat to dry, or hang them.  Believe it or not, the dryer actually ruins the fabrics dry-wicking abilities.

* If you can, wash them with sports detergent.  Their are a few out on the market, but they are designed specially to remove smells and sweat marks from clothing.  These detergents are also made to not harm the sweat wicking technology built in the fabric too.


* Don't use bleach on your socks.  Most running socks have the anti-bacterial tech built into them.  Using bleach or harsh chemicals can ruin the tech fabric.

* Hang them dry, or lay them flat to dry.  Most of the expensive running socks are made with the sweat wicking technology, so putting them in the dryer even once, can ruin this.  It especially if done often.  A dryer will also shorten the life span of the elasticity in them.

So those are my running apparel tips.  Share with me some of your own!
What do you do that helps keep things not only looking new, but lasting longer?

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