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You may have noticed a little less blogging from me the past few weeks.  To be completely honest, I had just gotten a little burned out from the blog hop last month.  So I decided to cut back a bit for two weeks, so I could come back refreshed and still loving to blog.  Because for me, that is the main point, to keep it as a hobby I love.

I was going to give you a rundown of all my happenings the past few weeks.  But instead of giving you a really long post with lots of paragraphs and bore you all to death.  I decided to do it in more of a random facts post and just hit some of the main points.  
To keep it different, I will do random facts, mixed with current events.  So here it goes:

* I went to see the new Cinderella movie twice last week.  I love it, so much I could have hugged it if it was possible after.  Disney did a fabulous job with it.  I love that they didn't change the original storyline, but also made Cinderella smarter and I love that the movie was all about kindness to others. Such an important thing to remember in today's society!

Jem and the Holograms
* I saw the dvd case JEM from the "Jem and the Holograms" when I was working at the library, boy that brought back memories.  My sister an I loved that cartoon when we were younger, I can still even sing the theme song, LOL.  I almost wanted to check it out, but I didn't:)

* In high school and college I loved Beverly Hills 90210, watched it religiously and had 90210 parties with my friends when we watched it.

* Sadly I am only down 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  On the plus side, I am still down 3 pounds.

* I am addicted to the Kim Kardashian game, so is my sister (who hooked me) and my niece.... I know the shame... I have already been told by close friends I can never be the same in there eyes.  My only defense is it could be worse and I could be sending Facebook requests to all on my contact list on a daily basis like some of those other games do, LOL

* I need a vacation terribly, this is probably the longest in the history of my life I have gone without taking a vacation.  (Not kidding.)  I haven't taken a trip since last September.  I may actually go crazy if I don't soon!

* I don't drink alcohol, and if I enter a race that gives a free beer or wine at the end.  I always give my ticket away to a random runner who looks like they'd appreciate it at the finish line. (I know you want to see me at the end of my next race, huh LOL.

* I wear a lot of pink when I run!

* My weird pain I had in my foot that kept me from being able to walk, has left for the most part (hopefully), but it did flare up a little or the work injury in the other foot.  I have been dealing with it pretty good.  On the plus side, like always running doesn't seem to bother it so I have been able to keep that up. I am about back to where I was 3 weeks ago when I had to take a couple weeks of running again.

* I will be coming up on my 200th wedding soon.

* More often than ever before I am loving Dry Shampoo, Not Your Mothers Brand.  Let's just say if I don't have a day I go for a run, I get a tad lazy:)  FYI, I love that stuff, it also gives my flat hair so much more volume!!!

* When I cook, I have a horrible time following directions exactly.  I can't help but attempt to add my own new spin on it, even if it's the first time making it:)  Lets just say, they are not all fails:)

* I am starting a new business venture.  One that is really risky, going to be extremely stressful in fact some say those who do it have the most stressful job ever.  But if I could pick any dream job to go with my wedding company this would be it.  I am not ready to share what it is just yet, but you will definitely hear lots and lots about it in the coming months, whether you like it or not haha!

* I worked on my blog so much on Sunday, as well as created all this weeks posts.  That at exactly 8:44PM I had to say to myself "walk away from the blog, you can do it, walk away." So I am, and so ends this post! LOL

Okay, so now tell me some random facts about you or random current event facts.

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