Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

We've all seen it without seeing it.  Sometimes it can be found in a complete stranger, and other times it may be someone we know.  Its not something that you can really take a picture of, it's not something you can hold in your hand and it's not something you can buy.  Instead it is something that comes from within, the thing that makes you look at a person and just want to be around them, spend time with them or just get to know them better.  This thing is called inner beauty.

Finding your inner beauty is easy, but it is also just as easy to lose that beauty.  They key is not only to find your inner beauty, but keep it with you at all times.

How do we do this?  It's fairly simple actually and asking ourselves a few questions can point us in the right direction.

How do you treat others?  
How do you view your life?  
Are you positive, confident, are you happy?  
How much time do you spend helping others?
Have you put down anyone else today or recently?

Inner beauty will make you shine among others.  You'll stand out, and others will want to be like you, they will want to be around you.  It won't matter if you didn't apply make up, or your clothes are wrinkled.  It won't matter if you're having the worst hair day ever, or you feel like you need to lose a few pounds.  People around you won't see any of that, your flaws will be ignored.  What they will see instead is an inner beauty of someone that inspires and makes their life better.

I give you a challenge, a simple thing to do each day.  Every morning when you wake up, ask yourself one question.  How can I make another person's life better today?
Then do it!

If each day you are looking for one act, simple or great.  It won't matter which when it comes from the heart. One act you can do for someone else that will help make their day better.  I guarantee not only will you find more happiness within your own life, but your inner beauty will be begin to shine more and more.  That one act of kindness each day will become second nature and before you know it you will master the art of Inner Beauty.

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