Cress by Marissa Meyer - A Book Review

NOTE: Cress is the third book in a series, if you haven't read the first too books this review may be a spoiler for them.

Cress is the third book in what I believe will be a four book series.  This series takes classic fairy tale characters and brings them to life in a sci-fi futuristic world.  I enjoyed Cinder (Cinderella) and loved Scarlett (Little Red Riding Hood) so I was looking forward to Cress (Rapunzel).  The author did a great job of keeping the plot moving and the story going, but in a way I was hoping for a tad more from the Cress story line.  However, even though my expectations were met differently, I did really enjoy this book.

The story picks up right where Scarlett left off, Cinder and the others are in their ship trying to figure out what to do next.  Trying to decide the best way to save Prince Kai and the world from Queen Levana.  When they come across a communication reading between them and Cress, a computer genius of a girl who has been kept on a satellite floating above earth for many years all alone.  The Cress character is similar to the Rapunzel fairy tales character, with a few new fantasy ideas brought in.

Cress, is alone and has for years pretended she is an actress.  Together with her computer, she has created a world for herself.  To keep sane while she waits to be rescued by her hero.  She watches the news communications on earth and has talked herself into believing she is falling in love with Captain Thorne, who also happens to be traveling with Cinder the princess she has been secretly helping.

We were introduced with the Cress character in the first novel, but it was simply an introduction.  This book tells us more about the girl, how she came to be and why she is trapped and being kept on the satellite.

Cress who has lived in a fairy tale mind of a world, is thrown a bit of hop when she establishes communication with Cinder and Captain Thorne.  She dreams of her rescue and the hero that will save her.  But unlike normal fairy tales, Captain Thorne does come to save her but he is everything but the hero she imagined.  In fact, she finds herself being the one who has to do the saving for them both.

Eventually stranded on earth in a desert, the two must make their way to civilization before death takes them.  The only problem is Thorne is temporarily blind, and Cress doesn't have the first idea on how to survive.  Which brings lots of adventure and misfortune to them both.

Although this book didn't exactly tie up many loose ends, and it introduced us to a new character Winter, whom the final book will be named after.  It did keep my attention and the story moving, so I will be looking forward to reading the next book in the series when it is released.

The Lunar Chronicles Series, a fun series that those who loves a little romance and fantasy adventure will enjoy.  Especially, if you enjoy the idea of being entertained by fairy tales in a science fiction futuristic world.  These books are a fun clean read for any audience, but I would recommend them for ages 15 and up.

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