Ups & Downs and An Ego Crusher

A little recap on the previous week.  So I had a "weak moment."  I ended up having to visit yet another Dr. and I'll skip the details for now and maybe share them another time when I've had time to think on it.  But in short I am being sent back to a specialist, because of what they think may be going on with now (both) of my feet.  A specialist who's soonest appointment for me to take was in 1 month.
So yes, after "the news" I took a drive and had a good scream (thankfully no one actually heard me)!  Then took a deep breath and told myself it's okay, I'll get past this too!  I have been okay since then, but anytime I think about it too much I have to take a deep breath and concentrate on something else.  Thank goodness for busy weeks and weddings for that!


I did run Monday & Tuesday, I have been doing a 4 mile run/walk combo - running 1 to 1 1/2 miles only.

I did not run Wednesday, Thursday or Friday by choice and so that I could make some decisions while I get things figured out.

Saturday I walked 5 miles, but that was because I had a wedding and it was sort of the minimum required amount.

I have made a few decisions, with careful thought and consideration over the injuries and I am going to start run/walking again today and plan to each day this week.

However, with a few changes.  I am going to go buy a new pair or two of running shoes which I am excited about.  I am going to stick to softer outdoor track surfaces for at least the next two weeks, maybe more.

I will continue to run/walk IF and ONLY if the pain stays in the same range (or better) as it is, and only if it does not show any signs of getting worse.
I'm also becoming an online research junkie again and for the next few days I am going to try a taping method that seems to take the pressure off the pain.  So we shall see...


Speaking of weddings, I had one on Saturday.  Just a small one, we set up this cute country backdrop that you see in the picture below.
Well, I had another evening of bad luck (of course, I am getting used to this now.)  See each one of the panels you see below weight several hundred pounds.  You'd think I would design lighter backdrops, but nah, LOL
Anyhow, we had a perfect day it set up so easy and fast.  

This is my Outdoor Country Backdrop
When we were taking it down, things were also going so smoothly, it was great I was sure we'd be done and out of there in the time planned.
Panel 1, dismantled and we put it into the trailer with ease.
Panel 2, I was coming around a corner, walking backwards carrying my end, and I didn't realize there was a lift of pavement from the grass.  My injured foot went to roll on it, and I am so protective of my feet I wasn't going to allow that to happen.
So I decided to let my entire body take a dive, I did it if you would call falling in the right way.  I let things happen naturally, didn't try to stop it, and allowed my body to be thrown several feet up in the air backward instead of twisting or hurting a foot.
The result was, I landed on my back, and shoulder and hip, not very pretty either:)  Oh ya, it hurt pretty bad, and in more ways than just my ego.

Bride's colors: Pinks and Turquoises
 The good things were, I saved my feet from new injury and no one in the wedding party saw me, only my crew on the other end of the panel witnessed my not so lady like fall:)  The other good thing, other than a bit of a sore bruised shoulder and hip, so far I don't seem to be experiencing anything worse.  Just a little crush to the ego, haha which is okay if that will stay the worst of it.


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So that is my week, I hope you all had an even better week!  Have you ever misstepped and had an embarrassing fall?

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