Switching Sports Bra's

I was thrilled when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to try VSX SPORT - Incredible By Victoria's Secret Sports Bra & VSX Sport Socks.

When I first received cute pink stripped box in the mail, I couldn't wait to open it, inside I found the bra in the size I requested, 6 pairs of fun colored sports socks and a Victoria's Secret Pink bust measuring tape.

The Measurement Tape has the correct instructions on how to find the correct bra size.
To be honest, I knew how to do this before, but it was a great reminder!  Just the same, I did a quick measurement to make sure I was actually the size I thought I was.

The color is a much brighter yellow in person
My camera didn't do the shade accurate justice in this shot.
Next, I couldn't wait to go and test out the new sports bra and compare it to my old sports bra's.
I love the color, yellow and gray.

It's a sports bra you put on over your head and neck, but it actually has an adjustable back closure with 3 different hooks to fit you best.
I love this feature because when you take it off after a sweaty workout you can loosen the clip open in the back first, so you don't feel like you are going to have to dislocate your arm to get it off.  (Girls who sweat a lot in workouts know exactly what I am talking about, when you go to take off a sweaty sports bra.)  *There is a picture of this feature below.
The sides and back have mesh, so it allows for a cooler feeling when you are sweating.
It's also super soft and the cups are cushioned as well as cushioned arm straps.

Back view of bra
At first when I noticed the under wire built in cups I wondered if having this was going to add a bounce factor when I run.   My old sports bra didn't have a wire or built in cups, it was purely made to compress and push me flat for the least amount of bounce.  Before the VSX I just assumed that is what I needed, and that was the only way to avoid the bounce factor.
I was wrong, this bra actually holds you in place really well.  Even with the built in cups, you get form with very little bounce.  I was kind of shocked to be honest.  If you are doing lots of jumping, yes you will still bounce a little, but I didn't notice hardly much of that while running.

Adjustable back closure
The tag said it was a seamless technology.  But in my opinion their are seams on this bra.  However, not major, they are enforced to feel as flat and seamless-like as possible.   Which for shorter runs I don't see a chaffing problem.  However as I get into longer runs, I can see that this could cause some chaffing (time will tell).  However, one of my previous sports bra's was seamless an I still had a little chaffing with that too.  I also have an old sports bra with seems and a back hook system, and I experienced only minimal chaffing during marathons in it, so I am not really worried with my new bra.  I use Vaseline to keep from chaffing and if I end up needing it in the future with this bra, it should work just as well.

I'd also like to mention this bra does have the moisture wicking technology, so this will definitely help reduce chaffing and actually help keep you cooler during workouts!

As for price, the price of the VSX bra is oddly exactly the same as I was paying for my old sports bra.
So the question is am I making the switch?  YES!
VSX has been added as an approved for running sports bra for myself.
Truthfully, its kind of nice to feel like a girl in a sports bra.  Honestly, in the past I always used bra's that compressed, and when I say that I mean pushed me near flat.  It's refreshing to know you don't have to look flat as a boy in a sports bra when you run!

At the same time as testing out the new awesome sports bra, I tried out a pair of the mesh sports socks.  First I loved the colors I received; light and dark purple, orange, light pink, hot pink and a bubble gum pink.  The socks have the "Ultra-Fresh Protection" in them, to resist the growth of odor causing bacteria.  They were also perfect fitting for my size 8 foot, and I could already tell slip resistant.  Additionally they were seamless, which can help prevent blisters.  Additionally, they are non-cushioned.  I know sometimes you need a more cushioned sock but for regular workout training, you don't really need it.  Especially in the hot summer months, a cooler sock is much better!  I love these, and I love the colors!  These socks have been and are going to get a lot of use from me!


Do I recommend VSX?  Yes, as I visited their online website I learned they actually have other workout clothing in their sports line which I am excited about.
I have worn Victoria's Secret bra's in my daily life through the years, and I have always been impressed with their merchandise quality.  Before receiving this, I honestly didn't know they carried a sports collection, and now after trying it out, I can honestly say they make the sport collection with the same great quality that you expect from their brand.
If you haven't tried them before, go in and visit a store location, get properly fitted for your own new VSX bra and give them a try.  FYI their Semi Annual Sale is going on right now!

Disclaimer: "This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest."

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