Random Q&A & Weekly Recap

Here is my brief weekly re-cap

- I got back into running/walking again this week.  Not much but its a start.
- This past week was a week of accomplishments, I got a lot of stuff done that has been sitting waiting for me to do.  I wrote myself a list and I hope to finish the rest of it this week:)
- I was asked to be on a committee to help organize a local 5k for August and I accepted.
- I've kept to my new diet and healthy eating plans (near) perfectly.  It's getting easier and easier each day.
- Read two great books and started a 3rd.
- I learned why I shouldn't be allowed to play computer video games.  When going in to delete them from a new laptop I clicked to play one to see how stupid it was only to discover countless hours later and only when I finished the last level on the game that I was addicted.  Not good, and I won't even tell you which one because that will make this sound even dumber:)

I started a new inspirational Sunday series, here are last and this weeks posts.  I'd love it if you'd let me know if you think its a series I should keep up or not:)

My favorite quote of the week


I've done this a few times before and thought it would be fun to do it again.  I had found this site a while back asking over 800 random questions, so I just randomly picked numbers and here are my answers.


*  Would you ever want to learn to fly?
Yes, if I could afford it I would love to take flying lessons:)

*  What is your favorite sci-fi film or show?
I am really loving the TV show ARROW right now, I think it is mostly because he is so dang hot!

*  Do you love or hate roller coasters?
Love them, I can go on them over and over.

*  Have you ever sailed a boat?
Not a sail boat, but I would love to!

*  Do you know CPR?
Yes, in fact I took this awesome college class where we learned how to save people's lives in dozens of scenario's.  Our final was a bloody triage, where actors came in and we were in the dark (the setting was a collapsed stadium) and an EMT followed us around as we had to go from person to person and decide who to save and how to save them.  They had fake blood that would spray out of fake arteries and it was messy if we didn't stop the blood correctly the victim would die and we would fail the test.  Additionally, they had fake vomit that smelled real, and if the EMT yelled "Quit Breathing" you had to turn and give CPR (not on a real person for this part only.) to a dummy that was set up to vomit in your mouth.  The smell alone was bad enough, I have never been so thankful to be at the end of the alphabet as darn, they ran out of fake vomit just before I went in for my test, LOL
It was an awesome class I learned so much, hopefully I won't have to use it ever.  But if I ever do, I feel a bit more confident.  (FYI I passed the tests:)

*  Have you ever cheated on a test?
I'm not proud of it, but yes.  I had a hard time in math and my teacher in high school didn't have the patience to help me.  So he would tell me to copy off the girl behind me and at the time I figured if I had teacher permission why not.

*  Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
Yes, in fact in High School when I took Driver's Ed, my friend and I took the motorcycle class at the same time for the fun of it.

*  Do you have popcorn with a movie?
Of course, is there any other way?

*  If you had a year off what would you do?
(more or less) I actually did take the years off in 2011 & 2012 and that was when I traveled and hiked all over the country and ran 29 of the different state marathons.  Depending on the state I spent 4-17 days in each state exploring.  It was also a great time of self discovery, helped me re prioritize my life and what I wanted to do in it.

*  If you and a friend wanted the same thing, would you let them have it first?
Depends on if we are talking about guys or something else.  If it is guys, its a pretty known fact with me that I wouldn't let them go after them first haha.  However, anything else of course!

*  Have you ever been caught in the wrong, and knew there was no way to get out but tried to dig yourself out anyway?
Oh so many times, LOL.  A funny one to mention.  Once years ago, one of my first jobs after college I was working in collections and I had this phone hooked up to me and if I left myself on "green light" then I could talk to callers and my bosses could hear me when we weren't on a call we were supposed to mute it.  Well I was talking to the person next to me and left my light on green not muted, and I was telling them how awful and uneducated our boss was among other things.
He was listening the entire time, and called me over to his desk and told me he heard and asked me if I really thought he was a bad boss who didn't know what he was doing.  Realizing I had been caught I decided why lie, so I said "yup, am I fired now?" He told me no but that he thinks I should take the rest of the day off.  When I went back in the next day expecting the worst, he asked me out on a date instead. hahaha seriously!  I declined and pretended it never happened and then quit working there for other reasons a short time later.

*  Have you ever accidentally set fire to yourself?
Yes HAHA and I should throw in purposely.  When I was a kid we used to spray our hand in bug spray and then light a match to it and then thrown our hand in a bucket of water before it started to burn our skin.
I don't have a logical explanation on why we actually did that.
But then again your also looking at a girl who around the age of 10 would to jump on a trampoline with her friends and we would light up those little colorful fireworks that spin super fast and go different colors (I think they were called flower spinners) as they dance around us and flew over our heads.  Oddly we were never injured and never lost an eye, but the trampoline sure had a lot of holes burned in it.  
I know your probably wondering how I ever lived LOL.  Sometimes I wonder that myself, but I wouldn't trade my fun memories:)

*  Have you ever made someone cry?
Recently anytime I tell my baby nephew "NO" he breaks out in tears as if I ruined his day, LOL and forgives me right after he's finished crying.

So now you know even far more about me than you ever cared to:)    Pick a random question above and I'd love to hear your answer!

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