Learning the art of the compliment

Learning the art of the compliment, it sounds easy doesn't it?
But as easy as it is to compliment someone, it's also even easier to criticize.
Its a fact, if you are having a bad day its so much easier to find fault in everything and everyone around you. Which is actually the likely reason, your one bad moment of the day has turned into a series of bad moments. When in reality if you could harness the power to look toward the positive and look for ways to share compliments instead of criticism your days are likely to go much better even if you have a few bad things happen during them.  Not only that, but people are going to want to be around you and want to try to be more like you.

The term "misery loves company" it does ring true.  But the same goes in reverse, positive people want to be around other positive people.
If your complimenting your best friend on one thing.  Then a minute later sharing a bit of gossip of criticism with them about another.  Think about what that says about you, that you pick and choose who you accept. That friend you just complimented and then gossiped with about another will walk away wondering what you say about them when you are with someone else.

So the questions are. Who do you want to be around?  What type of people do you want to surround yourself with?  What type of person do you want others to view you as?

If you spend your days looking for things to compliment others on, you will radiate positivity.  People will want to be around you, you'll be looked up to.  You will make the day of others.
You never know what one simple compliment could mean to someone.  We never know what is going on in other's lives, which is why it is so important to focus on sharing compliments instead of criticism!

If you find yourself in conversations with others who are gossiping or criticising, you can be the force that stops it.  You can change the subject or point them toward the positive instead.  Eventually people will notice it and possibly you'll even change their way of thinking towards others.

If you are on the lookout for ways to compliment others, and reminding yourself not to criticize.  You will elude happiness and inner beauty.  You will motivate and inspire others to do the same just by following your own actions.

I challenge you to try this each day this week.  Find a way to compliment as many people as possible that you come in contact with.  Then see how it makes you feel, see if you notice new positive differences in your life because of it.  See if you can learn the art of the compliment.

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