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Fitness Related Jobs

I decided to do something a little different.  A lot of us love health, sports and fitness.  Have you ever wondered if you could turn your hobby or sport into a job you love?
If you were to think of a job in the fitness field most would likely first think about Fitness Trainers, but their are so many other options.

Maybe you are due for a job change, or have hopes of finding a job one day that you can relate to and enjoy much more than what you are in now.  In case this may be something you might be thinking about I thought I would share a few options that you may not know about.

Hard Working

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy & Sports Medicine - Want a career helping people get back to living an active lifestyle?  One of these may be the job for you.  They will require college and certification programs.

Supplement Companies - Maybe you've tried them and maybe not.  But their are hundreds of different sports supplement companies out there to help athletes recover faster, workout longer.  They have jobs in administration, outside sales, even work from home jobs.  Although management levels may require additional education or experience.  Most positions are entry level that you can work your way up.

Coaches, Umpire, Referee - Although some coaching jobs especially in schools will require a college education.  Did you know that you can get jobs within your own community, working for your local county or city in these jobs?  Although some may be part time or seasonal, there are paying jobs in these fields.  Some may require certifications and a lot of them may provide the certifications for you upon hire.  If working with children, teens, adults in various sports is something that might interest you, you should look into these jobs within your area.

Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilate's, Zumba - It is true for these jobs they'll require some education and certifications.  But if having a job in these area's is something that interests you, you can look into community education training programs in your area.  These programs cost a fraction of what you would pay if you went to a college, and you can get the same certifications to teach these and other fitness classes.

Fitness Directors and Gym Managers - Some of these may require a degree in management, however others are just looking for dedicated individuals who love life, health and love to share it with others.  These are usually full time jobs, that pay quite decent.  You can look for these types of jobs in your local gyms in your area's or within your city and county rec centers.

Sports Retail Stores - Running Specialty Stores - You may think that having a job in retail store is something that would only provide you with minimum wage.  However, what you may not know, specialty stores often look for more experienced individuals who are looking for careers. The pay and benefits are likely much higher than you would assume.  Sometimes your own running and sports background can put you into the expertise these companies are looking for.

Gyms, Cruise Ships - Their are so many jobs in these places that are everything from full-time to part-time, and most don't even require any specific higher education.  Others will even pay you to go and get your CPR and other certifications to have these jobs.  You'll find jobs from minimum wage on up, however one thing to keep in mind with these jobs.  They may also provide you with free memberships, free travel and room and board.

Sporting Goods Distribution - Ever thought about the companies that make everything from treadmills to backpacks?  Well these companies have hundreds of various different jobs everything from entry level to management.  Some even send you out to travel to different expo's and places to present and show off their products.

Recreation Coordinator - Most communities have different recreation facilities whether that be gyms, tennis courts, tracks, parks, etc...  These places need recreation coordinators to help promote healthy lifestyles for the residents within the community.
Additionally, did you know most companies employ at least one or two individuals to help promote healthy lifestyles for their employees?  In most states it gives them a tax break to do it, so don't rule out the company you work for now, maybe its a change in positions you can look forward to in your future.  Maybe you can even create this job within your current company!  If you can propose a way it will benefit them cost wise, and health wise you may have a pretty good chance.

Sports Reporter - Although it would be awesome to be a famous sports reporter like the ones you see on TV.  Did you know there are numerous other ways you can get paid to be a sports reporter?  Newspapers, Online News, Local & National.  You can sign up with different papers and news area's to be a journalist, or even a freelance reporter.  You can even get paid to write content for larger blogs, fitness sites.  Sometimes all you have to do is ask, instead of wait to see a job opening in these areas.

Race Directors & Coordinators - You run races, you volunteer.  But have you ever thought about getting paid to help put these races on?  Sure they are high stress, but they have dozens of positions that are paid, and believe it or not most medium and large races and organizations hire full-time individuals.  If it is something you love, you might not even mind the stress and just enjoy the environment.

School's Colleges Fitness Programs - Most public schools require degree's for these positions.  But did you know that private schools do not necessarily require a degree to teach these programs?  I know crazy huh, but it is true.  This is something you'd have to look into, and each school is different.  But there are many jobs available in schools and colleges that will allow you to get hands on with involvement in the health and fitness lifestyle.

I listed a few options above to get your mind thinking.  However, if you dig into it a little more you will discover as I have that the opportunities within the Health, Fitness & Sports industry are vast.

Choose a Job you will love

My advise if you are looking to change jobs, or thinking about these for the future:

- Decide which jobs you would most like.
- Look into what skills, education, qualifications you will need.
- Start working on those skills and qualifications as you have time.
- Keep your eyes open for ways to volunteer gain experience that will beef up your resume for when you are ready to apply for jobs in this field.
- When your ready, apply and keep your mind open to looking within your community for different places and options you may not be aware of.
- Go out and get it, don't let fear or uncertainty keep you from finding a job that will provide you with happiness.


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So tell me, do you already have a job you love?  Do you have a job in the health and fitness industry?  Is it something you'd like to look into for your future?

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